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Hi, Doris from HR, I write about dragons on the internet {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 11:36PM Several things. I don't think the stigma gamers have is any where near the stigma gay people go thru, not even close.

I also find it sad to see the OP ground his gaming in being gay. I don't frame my gaming or much of my life in being straight. I personally don't like it, and not because I hate or like gays, but because I don't like inequality, and until gay people are so comfortable with society's acceptance of their sexuality, there's inequality, and that is what saddens me.

We need to manage our expectations about Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 11:29PM I find it strange to see this article after Blizzard censured and "explained" what the CM said.

Also, I'm going to put this out here. In my mind MoP needs to do two things:

1) Release before the end of Sept 2012.
2) It must be at least 1.5X as fun in the first 30 days as WotLK was.

If both are not done, I'm not gonna give Blizzard my money. If it is, I will do so.

So to me setting my expectations is not going to do a blasted thing. I have what I want and if I don't get it, I will not be their customer.

The WoW Insider Show Episode 233: Friends and family? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 4:16AM One comment about SWTOR and the matchmaking. I wonder how many people really miss it. I think that you guys at WoW Insider are not typical, especially for TOR. My guess is the typical TOR gamer is more of a NWN/DA/ME player and that kind of player is really just looking for story.

Thinking back to my own WoW experience, LFD probably caused me to play WoW for an additional 3-4 months. I leveled to 80 in May of 10, and I was pretty much done with all I wanted to do by Oct. However, of that, I'd say I did about 2/3 heroic dungeons, and 1/3 questing.

In TOR however, I have done the initial dungeon on both sides, and 1 other dungeon. And I don't see LFD really making me want to do them. I perhaps will do each of em to just do em, but I don't see myself repeating em much if at all. There two reasons for this, first repeating content doesn't really appeal to me. Second is time. The one FP I did do took quite awhile in time. This is perhaps my biggest pet peeve with the initial and 4.1 cata dungeons is the damn things took way too long. So while I think a LFD function in TOR would be nice, I don't think it would cause me to keep playing SWTOR for that much longer.

Now a LFG tool for heroic quests is another matter, and I know they say they'll solve it, but that seems to me to nbe a harder problem as most heroic quests I have done aren't fully instanced. There's usually a part in the start which is not. Which is a shame because many HQs are quite fun ancillary stories. It irks me that I cant find people for the H4 quests, as I would love to do those quests once.

One last point, that is the fact that some people lament to the fact that they had a stronger community back before LFD/LFR in WoW. I personally find it curious. Those people don't have to use LFD/LFR to play. Or they can use the travel features/random instance (not random people) features as they see fit. Since they don't, that indicates to me that one of two things is happening. Either these people are an extremely small minority and they simply can't find enough like minded people to join them, or those people are hypocrites. My opinion is that if the sole reason you form a community is for something that can so easily be solved with technology, then that community while possibly seeming strong is built on a foundation of sand and would not have lasted anyways.

Massively Speaking Episode 187: Hodor! Hodor! {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 12:43AM Hodor's cool, but he has a potty mouth doesn't he?

The WoW Insider Show Episode 233: Friends and family? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 3:04AM I think that anyone who thinks that MoP will be live before next Nov/Dec is nuts. Given Blizzard's normal mode of operation, even that is not entirely sure. MoP needs to have content on the scale of Cataclysm's total work, except in this case it needs to be at the level of where most the player base is, so it all has to be new, and it has to be engaging. I still maintain that Blizzard forced Cata out because ATVI's CFO gave a pretty strong promise that WoW would release its xpac by end of CY 2010. And I think that much of Blizzard sees that as one of the reasons why Cata has tanked. So I expect a series of continuing betas with Blizzard not afraid to retune or rewrite the content that it sees not working.

They need to give people a few months of content that they can play through at launch of MoP or they're going to be bleeding even worse than they did after Cata. And the content needs to cater towards all their players, and while I see that the pet battles and the LFG daily heroic quests is something towards the casual, it likely needs to be much more.

Raids just won't do it for the majority of their players, even LFR, as many people want some content, but don't have the time to invest in it.

What could a World of Warcraft loyalty or veteran program look like? {WoW}

Feb 20th 2012 9:16PM The issue I would see is that in UO, the vet rewards were mostly geared towards housing decorations. I'm not sure I would like it aas much w/o housing.

Of course if they put in housing...

The Queue: I fail at chess {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 3:14AM TOR does not need just a looking for dungeon, (or looking for flashpoint/operation.) It needs a looking for X, where X is the above, plus looking for heroic quest, etc.

I know I can find people by whispering/general, etc, but most either dont bother replying or say that they don't feel like grouping for heroics etc. I am pretty sure that somewhere someone wants to do the bloody quest as well, I just need to find that someone.

So I would appreciate a X finder. Hell even the EVE online fleet thingy would be a start and useful.

The Queue: Cat picture {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 12:29AM We purr!

For the King!

I don't see MoP before next October, perhaps Nov/Dec. Blizzard is incredibly anal about quality, and I don't see that changing. And I bloody hope it doesn't. I'd rather wait til freakin December than deal with a pile of crap quality.

How much is a brand name license worth? {WoW}

Dec 25th 2011 3:37AM I'm sorry, but there are several things here.

1) EA has gone on record to say that if TOR passes the 500k mark, they will be profitable. That's their "desired" mark.

2) Typically games try to make the development cost back from the box cost. Until NPD releases sales numbers, its impossible to know for sure, but the estimates I saw said anywhere from 1.5 to 4 million copies sold. We know that there are 1.5 million subs at the moment, and considering the fact that we're just 5 days in from launch, that's kinda nuts. With 30 days of free play, its very likely the sub count will be much higher. In any event, its very likely that the vast majority of the production cost is already paid for.

3) The profit to revenue ratio is not what you said. It is much much higher with MMOs. It boils down to economies of scale. I have heard people say that WoW enjoys a 50% or so net profit margin. Obviously TOR isn't going to have that, but if its not a large cash cow for EA, I will be shocked.

4) The 30% number is useless. My understanding is these licensing agreements are tiered and can have front payments. There's also likely incentives as well. BK is used to making failing Star Wars games, not successful ones. Given Bioware's success with KOTOR, I would be surprised if the agreement wasn't more friendly towards Bioware.

5) I don't see TOR in much danger. Even if EA only retains 40% of the current subs they'll still exceed their own internal expectations. They may take a hit from Wall Street, but that's not as simple as ATVI, as EA is more divested. Its likely the NBA lockout will hurt them more than if TOR were to only hit 600k subs. However, I predict that by the 1 year mark, you will see TOR at between 3-4 million active subs.

6) On the other hand I do see Blizzard in some danger. The annual pass does give them some security, but come October of next year, that will evaporate. Either MoP will have to be amazing, and more so than TOR, or 2012 could be a bad year for ATVI.

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