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Breakfast Topic: Why can't my night elf have red hair? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 2:52PM You can make a small midget with an anime face and blue twin-tailed hair, you can then strip off that midget and do a dance in a table in an inn. But oh god, no red-haired elves. That's be weird!

15 Minutes of Fame: Full-body WoW with motion-sensing software {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 2:47PM What kind of disabled person can use full body controls but can't just sit in a chair and use their fingers? Okay, people without hands, but this is considerably worse (read:impossible) compared to conventional control when it comes to almost every single disability in existence.

Scattered Shots: Improving the hunter pet trees {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 2:44PM I'll have to read this article properly another time, but just glancing over the earlier parts I certainly agree that BM doesn't actually feel as "beastly" as it should. It's less "beast master" and more "half-assed archer with animal friend".

WoW Armory now displaying mounts and pets {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 2:30PM Yeah, it's odd since WoWHead has the 3D model and yet the official site doesn't. The armoury can also take days and days to update; it took about 6 days for my new mage to go from being a generic "mage shadow" to actually looking like herself. Mobile Authenticator now available for Windows 7 Phones {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 2:20PM Well I still can't get an authenticator since I don't have a debit card right now, don't have a smart phone and the EU Blizz Store doesn't take PayPal payments.

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