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Around Azeroth: Everybody needs somebody to love {WoW}

Feb 18th 2012 2:41PM Alextrasa was his sister

Third faction or logistical nightmare? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2012 2:28PM The horde are not "bad guys"f you have read the books they have been trying to make peace with the Alliance for years now and they are at war because the Allies locked the orcs in cages and tortured them. Do some research man.

Breakfast Topic: How did you create your first character? {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 3:37PM I hit warlock made him have spikey hair and named him a sort of changed version of my usual screen name Dragonlaw the lock was born (screen name normally is Dragunlaw)

Breakfast Topic: What's that one quirky thing you just have to do? {WoW}

Jul 12th 2011 9:32AM i always make to many bad jokes in a raid i try to hard but for some reason it only happens when i'm on vent

Breakfast Topic: What have you tried in WoW that you never thought you'd enjoy? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2011 9:38AM i started raiding after i found out they hadd epic loot and that you can't run black temple without 24 other members

Breakfast Topic: What do you during Tuesday maintenance? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2011 9:26AM I'm a wow lore nut when i first saw kel'thuzad in borean tundra(i play horde i flew by him on the carpet) i went nuts the first lore book i read was Arthas the christie golden book.
and the warcraft archive (favorites of the archive were day of the dragon and lord of the clans) then i read the shattering now currently i decides to strt reading Dieablo 3 books

Breakfast Topic: Designing your own spell {WoW}

Jun 27th 2011 1:42PM I had an idea that could improve the visual effect of The warlock ability haunt and here it is : click spell you rise up from the ground as if someone just cast levitation on you and you roar during which as your arms go back a spirit erupts from your boddy and heads straight for your target and when it hits it has a seed of corruption implosion. this is all just a visual effect the spell is only being changed in the way you see it

Season 10 PVP armor sets preview {WoW}

Jun 24th 2011 10:50AM warlock and hunter sets look the best and i'm not just saying that because lock is my main

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