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Dragon Soul Power of the Aspects buff to increase next week {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 2:26PM Yes, given that everyone else in the server / game is using the nerf, raid teams are "choosing" not to be gimped relative to all the other teams.

But that is very different than choosing to have the nerf available in the first place.

Dragon Soul Power of the Aspects buff to increase next week {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 1:45PM Not being 8/8H is not the same as being "stalled." My 10 man team is currently on Ultraxion. We only got an hour on it last week. I estimate we need 1-2 more hours of practice and we'll have it. We are a small team -- total roster of 11 -- who attempts to raid nine hours each week, but usually gets only 3 or 6 hours of productive progression raiding because a couple members are unavailable one night. Although we all have most of our 397 gear, there are still upgrades going out every week from the hard mode bosses we started farming only recently, and those rarely-dropping items from normal mode.

I would have much rather Blizz introduced a powerful, effective Raid Team finder function -- ie. something that could make it easier to have a roster of 12 or 13 without a ton of recruiting that feels like work, not fun. That would be a big help. The nerf is just a welfare handout we didn't need and don't appreciate.

Dragon Soul Power of the Aspects buff to increase next week {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 1:22PM @wrinklestein, the "don't use the spell" option is not realistically available. It can not be chosen by an individual for themselves. It requires an entire raid team to agree on it. For that to happen, you need overwhelming support of the other 9 or 24 members (or the GM will rightly fear defections to other guilds.) To have that support, you need an entire team full of people who do not care about relative standings. Even this late in the game, many "average" guilds care about getting that next boss before the other similar average guilds on their server that they've been competing with all along.

So in essence, the option is not really available to anyone. I wish Blizz would have the guts to release that statistics on how often it was used, which would show its purely a "marketing" option with no effect in game.

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