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Encrypted Text: No'Kaled makes its claim for the throne {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 3:51PM @twbrienn: Except Combat is among the top DPS specs in Dragon Soul right now, period. If you buff the legendaries so they're even more awesome for Combat specifically, you risk launching the spec into the stratosphere. Considering the nerf Fire mages just got to prevent exactly the same thing from happening, I'd be surprised if this sort of change were implemented.

WoW Insider's Guide to Occu'thar {WoW}

Jul 7th 2011 1:26PM It's actually not the same gear, Zenotho -- the stats on the "new" Vicious gear with the higher iLevel are actually slightly better than the "old" Vicious gear, which has been removed from the game. That's one of the big reasons why some people are piiiiiiiiiissed.

WoW Insider's Guide to Occu'thar {WoW}

Jul 6th 2011 4:06PM Aw, look at you, with your reading of comments and editing and stuff! You're swell, Josh of the Myerses.

I think it's even less than 15K too. :) I'm an English major so this could be totally wrong, but it's 79,000 DPS (absolute minimum) on 10-man, right? (23.7 mil divided by 300 seconds) So if we assume the tanks are each doing, I duno, say 7K, that's 65K left. Split among 5 DPS, that'd be 13K. And if there's 6 DPS, it'd be less than 11K. I realize I'm not including stuff like the eye-murdering phases and junk, so that'll bump those required numbers up a bit. But still, it suggests that it's pretty manageable for any group that is at least Z-dungeon geared. (Though I agree with other posters that heroic dungeon gear and PvP gear prob ain't gonna cut it.)