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Looking for raid, or looking for trade? {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 1:10PM Look at the special occasion bosses. If you already have an item they drop, you don't get a chance to roll on it. just a message that says you are ineligible.

The problem will be with tokens still though.

The Queue: The fate of Sky Captain Swayze and Ka'anu Reevs {WoW}

Dec 5th 2011 11:19AM I think you missed the point on the rogue legendary quest line.

By all accounts, the initial stages of the quest line are epic, almost rogue defining. Blizzard's latest policies seem to be all about having more people experience their content. So why not make it easier for non-raiding rogues to experience this?

This is NOT about getting legendaries, the legendaries will not be attainable by LFR rogues because the final steps require dedicated guild DS runs.

Survey reveals player wealth disparity {WoW}

Nov 12th 2011 3:05AM My theory is that this disparity is totally governed by AH add ons. Blizzard should ban all AH add ons and the disparity would drop. You should have asked iff you use AH add ons in your survey to show that ALL top 1 percent use them.

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