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Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 10:12AM My main issue with MoP is that I just personally don't connect with the culture which forms the underpinnings of the expansion. I have every faith in Blizzard's team - they seem to snatch victory from the jaws of disaster with every expansion, but this one is just a bit left field. Space goats I can handle - Kung Fu pandas - oh, of course they're NOT Kung Fu Pandas - they're PANDARANS - is a bit much.

It's a bit like Lucasfilms making a serious movie based on Gungans (think Jar Jar) - No matter how hard you try, just as Gungans will always be - well - Jar Jar - no matter how hard you try to sublimate. Even forgetting, if you can - KFPanda, Pandarans for most WoW players who never played WC3 is just some cute little paid-for minipet that makes - wait for it - Kung Fu Panda noises...

If I didn't know better - it's a bit as though Activision yanked on the strings, to co-opt the storyline to flog it to the Asian markets - a market potentially far greater than the Western one. Or am I just getting too cynical in my old age.... I'm just having a hard time groking this one.


Blizzard responds to Guardian Cub controversy {WoW}

Oct 11th 2011 7:53PM A Stupid, Stupid idea - an mana from heaven for the gold sellers.
It simultaneously creates additional demand for Gold (from those who don't know they can buy the mount for money) - and provides a fresh, free source for Gold.
Buy mount with stolen card - sell on AH - get Gold - Profit!
poor bugger who buys mount from Auction house gets mount revoked.

I cannot POSSIBLY see how this is anything other than a bad idea.


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