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The Lawbringer: Dispelling the panda myths {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 5:32PM Or elves, or orcs, or dragons.... seriously, why does everyone get their panties in a bunch over 'originality'? I'm not saying people shouldn't try new things, but come on. There's such a thing as archetypes, and the reason they exist is because they speak to people on a fundamental level. Blizzard is in the business of appealing to a large number of people, so exploiting an archetype is a natural way for them to do what they do.

The Queue: Colin Hay, WoW, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, and Scott Pilgrim {WoW}

Oct 20th 2011 12:20PM Hidendragon, I meant network channels. Or has the Beeb relinquished its monolithic hold on English tv?

The Queue: Colin Hay, WoW, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, and Scott Pilgrim {WoW}

Oct 20th 2011 11:17AM Doctor Who is British; their tv seasons run short because they only have four channels. Some shows only have 6-episode seasons!

Know Your Lore: NPC evolution from Wrath to Cataclysm and beyond {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2011 7:44PM And then there's Harrison Jones...

Drama Mamas: Namecalling {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 1:08PM "Represent yourself with class!"

I thought that's what the issue was here?


Drama Mamas: Namecalling {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 1:05PM That being said, I'm one of those people who introduces myself in a dungeon and wants to be chatty. I'm just saying I try not to get too upset by those people who are there to do a job and not make friends... after all, they're playing the game the way they want to (though IMO anyone that is 'doing a job' is not 'playing' by definition). If more people make an effort to be polite in dungeons, we might start a trend... but there is always always always going to be a vast population who think of you as a tool to use to reach their goal. So rather than get upset over something that's not going to change, might as well find a way to make it work for you.

Drama Mamas: Namecalling {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 11:07AM The simple fact of the matter is, peeve or not, it's not going to stop. It used to be a peeve of mine as well, but when I realized there wasn't a whelk's chance in a supernova that 12 million players were all of a sudden going to start being polite and first-name-friendly in PUGs, I decided that I needed to change MY attitude. So what I did was look at it from a combat perspective. Essentially, when you PUG, you're joining a military unit preparing for combat. Your class is your rank. So when the tank barks "hunter trap square" what he's really saying is "Major, ready your artillery". I've found that changing my perspective like that means that a) I tend to get less butthurt and pouty in dungeons and b) I have more fun because of it.

15 Minutes of Fame: Guilds build their own third faction {WoW}

Aug 12th 2011 1:48PM To everybody saying "get some perspective, you're one guild on one server," and saying that Blizzard would never do something so player-centric...ahem. Have you heard of this guy Leeroy Jenkins?

Titles Tell Stories: How "Mists of Pandaria" breaks the mold {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 10:00AM "Pandaren in the Mists"

If there isn't a quest giver named Fossey I'll be very disappointed.

Breakfast Topic: Are you a solo player? {WoW}

Jul 31st 2011 9:34AM Definitely both. I started playing by myself and am by nature somewhat antisocial so I generally avoided guilds and restricted my play to purely PvE. However I managed to swindle my two best friends into playing and through them joined a guild. The guild is mostly made up of people who are similarly minded, so I get the benefit of being able to do dungeons and have the enjoyment of interaction when I want but with no pressure or drama. Sometimes, however. I like to lone-wolf it, and I have alts on other servers for those times. I've only just recently started doing randoms with strangers and have actually been surprised by how much I enjoy it. If nothing else it can be a learning experience.

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