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Breakfast Topic: What's your armor design style philosophy? {WoW}

Nov 13th 2011 8:38AM I'll take this opportunity to again complain about the hunter tier armor. It looks silly and crappy. The only good sets were T1,2 and 5.

What I liked about T1 was that it wasn't stuff that wasn't body parts from creatures you killed. T2 and almost every set since then were trophies of stuff you killed. That's nice and dandy, but what about the other design philisophies?
We lack sets that embody what I would like to call 'counter-art'. The giantstalker set is actually made for combatting Giants (as opposed to trophies that prove you were already victorious). I would have loved for more tier sets (and hunters are not the only one with this problem) to embrace that philisophy. We could have had sets that focussed on water in T12, because water could be used to combat the fire (and fighting fire with fire is boring in this case as it looks a lot like grafting trophies again, coming back to philisophy 1).
The third philosophy (visuals based around class skills and talents) are used on other classes sets, but not on the hunters one. I am still waiting for sets that incorporate leaves and such, we are hunters, we need to blend in and stalk prey. T13 was the best point they could have done this; they gave other classes a set based on their new talents, and hunters got Camouflage at 85. So I was superexcited about T13, until they revealed it as just another trophy-style tier. Even worse, it is dragonstalker v2.0 and even worse than that, T13 is still not as good looking and iconic as T2. I fully expect over half of the hunters to transmogryph the set away...

Blizzard, please, for the next hunter sets, think more then 2 seconds about the viisuals.

Scattered Shots: Hunter transmogrification station {WoW}

Sep 8th 2011 1:00PM Core Marksman's Rifle should indeed be up there. It is the iconic dwarven ranged weapon from vanilla MC period.

Sadly, since I switched from US to EU realms (more precise: not switched, but made a new account) I don't have all the cool weapons I stored on my US account, such as Rhok. On my EU Draenei hunter I couldn't get it as the quest was already removed .. sadface.

Anyway, I am collecting several gear sets and I was looking for some input which weapons to pair it with (needs to be polearm ofc since that is what I now have for stats);
T1 -> pairing it with Hellreaver and Skyfire Hawk Bow (or Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix)
T2 -> not sure about polearm... but ranged probably Heartstriker?
T4 -> not sure about polearm... but ranged probably Legionkiller?
T5 -> Sonic Spear + Crypt Fiens Slayer (am getting a Figureprint from this one)
T12 -> pairing it with Hellreaver and Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix (or also Skyfire Hark Bow)

Any other suggestions for those tier sets?

Is it time to kill pure DPS? {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 7:15PM I have been an advocate of changing the BM hunter tree into a tank spec for a while now, and I agree that pure dps classes should be revised a bit. I don't see the point in having 3 dps talent trees. Even if they play slightly different, it is not enough of a difference to warrant another talent tree.

You make a decent point for the CC. However there are 2 things to keep in mind here; CC in raids is usually not necessary on bosses and 2; if everyone has it, it's not a defining feature and thus does not present a 'fourth role'. Even more, a role is something (almost) exclusive to a fight. You can't tank in a heal spec (at least not for a sustained period). You can CC in any spec usually, so that is not a seperate spec.
The fact that DK's and Warriors have no CC is not really needed currently as they have enough appeal anyway.

My conclusion is that really, the pure dps specs need to be changed. Hunters and Rogues should have tank specs, Mages and Warlocks should have healing specs.
You can go for flavor and give warlocks a tank spec, but they use mana as of now, which is radically different from the other resources (it doesn't build up fast as starts out with a big pool). Rogues and Hunters have Energy/Focus, which is more like Runic Power and Rage (Yes, Paladins use mana during tanking too, but they are the exception, no need to add more to make the transition even more complex).

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