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Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 3:40PM as soon as 3,3 patch went on PTR and i undestood what was happening in ICC heroics and raid
i thought 1 thing
Ner'Zhul is still alive
Arthas maybe defeated him inside his mind, but he didnot and couldnot destroy him, as he was part of Helm Of Domination, ner'zhul was bound to helm

even here i saw a tinfoli, where u guys thought that Ner'Zhul was still alive
now Bolvar is vs Ner'Zhul
who wins battle to become fully powered new :Lich King

Know Your Lore: The orcs, part 3 {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 3:47AM Trolls are natural race of Azeroth. main tribe is Zandalari, from where all other species emerged
Forest trolls (Amani), Jungle trolls(Gurubashi), Dark trolls (from them night elves originated), Sand trolls (Sandfury, who originated from jungle trolls and established Zul'Farrak. but they are extinct for 4,1 patch), Ice trolls (Drakkari. they originated from forest trolls and also are almost extinct)
Kaldorei, AKA Night elves originated from Dark trolsl in WOW magazine was hinted that somehow Cenarius is reason for Nelven evolution from dark trolls
High Elves originated from Night elves (they were former highborne caste, who were exield for using arcane magic) and Blood elves are same High Elves who used demonic magic
Half-elves are mixed human/highelven originations
Harpies are said to be night elves, who were cursed by azshara, or chosen by Avianna (one of primal demigods of Azeroth, mother of all flying creatures) as her servants
Satyrs are former Night elves turned into demons by first satyr, Xavian (he was turned into satyr by sargeras)
Naga are former highborne, who were turned by old gods and probalby Neptulon into serpentine race

Tauren are also native to Azeroth, Taunak are their northern offspring/veersion
there is suggestion, that their creation is by some Ancient demigod, or therazane

Centaur are children of Zaetar (cenarius' eldest son) and Theradras (daughter of earth elementals leader, Therazane)

Quillboar were spawned from blood of demigod Aggamaggar, who died fighting burning legion, so they too are native species
Furbolg/Pandaren origins are unknown, but furbolgs have ties with 2 demigod bears, Ursoc and Ursus

Titans made Titanic Sentries and several seed races
Sea Giant/Stone Giant/Storm Giant/lightning Giant/ and 5th, dont remeber name
also 2 types of Earthen (ulduar and uldaman versions), Mechagnomes, Vrykul (probably first vrykul were of stone, its unknown)
after old gods made Curse of Flesh
Gnomes originated from mechagnomes, humans from Vrykul, bronzebeard/wildhammer/dark iron/frostborn dwarves from earthen
loken made Iron vrykuls and Dwarves
Skadryn are former dark iron dwarves (they dont appear ingame yet) who were mutated by cursed Grim Batol
troggs are failed titan experiment (before creating earthen)
they too were affected by curse of flesh
kobold/snobold/verming are mutated troggs

Magnataur origins lie with Cenarius, but not specified how

Gnoll origins are unknown
Murlocs/gorlocs/deep sea murloc s are same race's different species, but their origination is rumored to be made by Neptulon

mur'gul are mutated murlocs

undead were made by lich kings plague and almost all races/creatures have undead versions (human, Helf, troll, gnome, dwarf, etc)

Worgen origins are from Ancient wolf demigod Goldrinn, and night elves

Goblin origins are unknown, but a faceless one mentions, he "remembers their creation"

faceless ones are old gods creations, they are probably mutated from almost any race

drakon origins lie within air/stone elementals and their drakes
from them came protodrakes
Galakond was greatest drake from whom all drakes originated

titans blessed 5 different dragonflight
black, red, bronze, blue, green

chromatic were made from nefarians experiments, and twilight from sinestra's

infinite are corrupted version of bronzes

i think that's all

not including argus/draenor races (orc,arakkoa, eredar etc)

Know Your Lore: The Troll Wars {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2012 4:27AM I too hope High/blood elves will become neutral, and we will be able to choose between factions like pandas
say alliance elves will be high ones, and horde counterparts blood

also horde has 1 more class/race combination, then alliance

draenei warlock or nelf paladin could fix it

Know Your Lore: Scarlet Monastery revisited {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 3:44AM I'd like to see progressed lore in SM and Scholomance

most of world was remade during Cataclysm
we got SFK and DM changed, but if you read books as well or do all quests like me, there is shown that most bosses are already dead.

Scarlet Monastery: mograine was killed both in-game and in comic
in Ashbringer comic and in-game (when wielder of Corrupted Ashbringer enters SM), mograine is killed by his father's soul

maybe Sally is left alive, but why is alive Mograine? he must be replaced. I don't believe sally ressed him again

Blackrock Depths: Emperor Dagran Thaurissan appears to be killed by alliance members by order of King Magni. now Moira resides in Ironforge as 1 of Co-Leader of Dwarves
but hey, I entered brd and saw HER and her DEAD husband as bosses, wtf
couldn't Blizzard replace them with Twilight Hammer aligned NPCs?

there are many instances like that

in Maraudon, we can speculate, that nobody could kill Princess Theradras, as she appeared in pre-cata event as well. so we finish her off now

Stratholme had lore develpoment, not as good but still normal
it appears, Stratholme was never cleared by us, as DK boss - Rivendare was sent to Naxxramas and new one replaced him, also Balnazzar removed his disguise and killed all scarlet npcs and raised them to undeath
that too was ok

but i wish all remake sof old dungeons during Mists, was with progressive Lore

p.s. I think, Gundrak will play it's lore in Mists. it was going to be a Raid and a dungeon during LK, but was cancelled and only dungeon was left.
maybe their king allies now with Zandalari. there was an Ice Troll leader in 4,1 trailer

Breakfast Topic: Do you still run daily quests? {WoW}

Jan 21st 2012 6:17AM Yes, I do dailies, but not all

i use only 1 main character, and 1 alt rogue at mid 70th, for farming junkboxes

I do 7-8 daily quests everyday for Argent Tournament (10X token per day=1 companion for every 4 day) and sell companions on AH

I also do cooking daily ques. lazy to fish stuff for my Feasts

and as I have transferred for another realm, I am doing other dailies for Guild reputation cap
they are so booooring

I have absolutely everthing from daily quests. so no use to do them over again
can't get how can ppl do same dailies on several alts

sometimes i do Tol Barad dailies, for shoulder/head enchant. instead of buying them with HPs

Breakfast Topic: Why do you love your spec? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2012 8:47AM I love Demonology

fighting in old hyjal, in well of eternity or any kind of demons
and: Let me Show u who is boss here - Metamorphosis

also great for soloing almost everything soloable
60lvl raids, 15-80lvl dungeons and HCs

and mastery rating, love when soulfire/hand of gul'dan crit 60-90K

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code from {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 4:02PM make it my 147th companion please :)

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