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Bornakk posts on Death Knight level and creation {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 8:01AM DK will start at 58 you mark my words.

BC is quickly done nowadays and would give ample oportunity to learn the tricks of your trade.

its possible that they will start at 68 so they can get in northrend imediatly, but i still forsee a 58, go through the portal kind of story.

Leather on a Shaman and cloth on a Druid {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 7:23AM its a common misconseption that spirit is useless for shamans. and although its true you dont gain anywhere near as much from it as other casters. its far from useless.

shamans are idea at healing raid damage and in that roll they can frequantly get out of teh 5 second rule. also using a trinket that alows mana regen shile casting (i forget its name) is a realy good idea if your MT healing.

i wouldnt ever say that i aim for spirit gear. infact its obviously 4th on my stat list. but i wouldnt ever shun it. and a large amount of spirit is worth more than a small amount of say bonus heal or int.

interestingly i would always take mp5 over spirit near eregarde of numerical value dispite the fact mp5 is only 3rd on the stat list.

im not saying stack spirit, but keep in mind its your healing style that mkes it usefull or obsolete.

Spiritual Guidance: Thirteen dos and don'ts of a raiding holy priest {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 5:38AM while your atempt to make yourself sound good by ripping into his use of english was a good try, your wrong on three acounts.

A) if u take the word literal back to its dictionary definition then all you have to do is use the dictionary definity of glued to see that he means "stuck fast" or "unmovable from". so yes it is literaly glued.

B) English is an evolutionary language and words are not suposed to stay static. while it is true that a second definition to literal (meaning an exagerated metaphorical medium) would counter its primary use, it is also true that words can and do have oposite meanings which are context specific. so yes, it literaly is glued

C) language is about comunication. if you understood what he meant even without aproving of his use of engish then he comunicated it to you well.

dOnT bE coCkY AbOut yOur UnDeRsTanDiNg oF EnGLish unTIl YoU unDErsTaNd wHaT thE AxIoM oF EnGLish ActUALy iS.


Blood Pact: Destro the only way to go? {WoW}

Apr 18th 2008 8:51PM i was told that becuase i wasnt "pure sb" (21/40) i was worthless as a dpser, i quickly stoped respecting the guy who told me.

pure sb WILL give you more dps over a raid. true. but ruin (40/0/21) will make you more benifial to teh raid, be fun to play and will allow you to dps forever.

seriously give ruin a try, its teh perfect hybrid. all your dots, use CoS instead of CoA and bam, you sb will hit hard and leave imp shadow damage debuf wich boosts your dots.

plus you get an imp. and lets face it, imps rock. blessing of wisdom, spirit and mark of the wild on him and me and im NEVER going oom.

Blizzard on griefing: deal with it. {WoW}

Apr 18th 2008 8:35PM you guys who keep saying ganking isnt PvP, you do realise that it stands for PLAYER vrs PLAYER. not "character of equal level, class and skill engaging in mutualy oportunistic combat".

it means one sweaty fat man vrs another sweaty fan man. just because you arnt as fat or sweaty as the other guy doesnt stop him from being a player.

i HATE getting ganked, it suck. i hate it more when i get my 70s involved and loose. but i do like killing others. even groups of others at the same time. you win some you loose some. i cant take my 45 warrior into gruul. equally i cant take my 45 warrior into strangle thorn vale when there is a gank party goin on at nessingways house.

but its peghvaghpegh. i picked it, i gotta live with it. and doesnt the threat of instant and sustained death make you feel at war and procedeed with trepedation?

roll carebear if ur a pussy, we wont laugh much.

as for qqland i dont daily at 7pm server time, because i will die, i go later or in the worning........duuuuuuh

New TCG wallpaper is putrid, but in a sexy way {WoW}

Apr 16th 2008 2:32PM i wish people would stop acting as if its a crime to find something atractive.

sexual objectivication isnt what people beleive it to be. strippers do not feel ashamed of stripping, porn stars by and large enjoy their job. those who feel agreeved by a percieved reduction of humanity and rise in objectivication are usualy the ones least likely to be affected by it.

people do not rant and rave when someone gives a teapot a nice smiley face and say they are guilty of anthropomorphasism bluring the lines between reality and fiction leading to a downfall of morals in children.

ITS A FUCKING TEAPOT..............

im hoping you can make the next leap in stupidity for yourselves

Forum Post of the Day: Rogue killed by an AFK Warlock {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 11:42PM hahahaha have you used fear since BC came out? might as well delete it from your hot bar

this rogue wins dumass of the year. gz dood you hit 70 without learning anything. nothing at all.

Forum Post of the Day: Rogue killed by an AFK Warlock {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 3:36PM seriously have you been smoking heroin?



there is no way at all, none, in no fassion, under any circumstances no matter how long the universe lasts for could a lock ever, even with the help of god, allah and barny the wonder dinosaw could a lock beat a does not happen unless the rogue is actually an escaped keybord jacking hamster. even then, given that the lock is afk, all the hamster needs to do is accidentaly wander over to the auto attack button then take a dump.

seriously, this could not have happened, im a dam good lock and the last time i killed a rogue was back in 1934.

i call ultimate bs

Latest MMO pop report shows a WoW growth spurt {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 12:53AM a few things

EQ had how many servers? so even with a population of only a fraction of wows, it will be more densly populated simply due to real estate (server positions).

wow realy does have thousands playing on each server at any one time. there are adons that will track populations for you if your that bothered. how many times do you jump into the lfg channels? not realy very often, so when you jump in and there is only 200 people in there, think to yourself "hey i was online before i joined lfg, and i didnt show up in lfg until i joined it" strange that isnt it?.

guild wars was a fantastic game, untill you play wow. i agree that it isnt realy an mmo, but thats the same as a humer not realy being a car. stick it on.

LOTR online sucks im afraid to say, im a huuuuuuuuge lotr fan and was awaiting this game with baited breath. i was ready to drop my wow sub and run screaming into middle earth. after playing it for about 4 hours i felt truly sick that such a poor travasty could be considered a) a wow beater (lolz) and b) part of the lotr franchise.

its simply a disgrace, bad game, its teh fifa street of mmos

i do find it amazing that teh wow comunity grows after 3 years, but im not suprised it does not shrink. but then again im personaly responcible for a good few hundred subscribers (i used to run a games shop and wouldnt let people leave the store without a copy)