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WoW Rookie: Learning how to tank {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 8:32PM For the most part I find the groups apathetic rather than judgmental be it on my geared 85 Warrior tank or green-machine 85 DK tank. For some reason though I find tanking a bad group WAY more stressful than DPS'ing or even healing a bad group. As a DPS the game for me is to put out the most DPS AND utility to my ability. Success/failure of the group is a bit of an afterthought if I did my best. As a healer it's roughly the same. With a tank my enjoyment of the game comes from a smooth, efficient group. Having people with 5k DPS, hunter's pulling things at random, DC's, CC breakers, etc really bug me as a tank but not at all as a DPS.

WoW Rookie: Learning how to tank {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 8:23PM TIDY PLATES: THREAT PLATES! Highly customizable but even out of the box it will show a small green nameplate for the mobs you have adequate threat on and large red nameplates for mobs agg'ing on someone else. It is the single addon I couldn't live without as a tank and should be built into the Blizz UI.
Also works the opposite way for your DPS/healing roles so a great addon even for non-tanks.

As for your AoE issue: if you're not taking huge amounts of damage then you, as a tank, aren't required to focus on the mob you set as skull. If you glance at Omen and you have triple the threat on the mob than the nearest dps, go ahead and forget skull and start building up more threat on the other mobs. Don't wait until skull is down and people are burning down X before you start building threat.

The Queue: Across the Pond {WoW}

Mar 1st 2011 3:31PM Amritrao: I'm assuming you use your mouse with your right hand. Do you have relatively good mobility there? The seahorse quest only asks you to press one button every 4-5 seconds. Can you click it? Also, have you tried healing dungeons using HealBot, a mouse with at least 3-4 extra buttons, and mouseover macros? You can make the HealBot bars as large as you'd like and with mouse moving you can easily do a dungeon with only your right hand.

Gold Capped: Ore-splosion {WoW}

Mar 1st 2011 1:36PM Greens, blues, and epics are definitely itemized the same at the same iLevel now. A 318 green will always be better than a 300 blue at the same item level. If you want an example lookup "Firm-Set Treads" and "Redsteel Shoulders" on wowhead. Both have 146str, 219sta, and 2x 97 of other stats. All Cata items are like this. It's weird and I'm not a huge fan.

Reviewing the Razer Naga Epic mouse: 12 buttons you never knew you wanted {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 11:08PM I had similar problems with my Naga and I only used it for about a week. The mouse wheel on mine just got wonky and wouldn't spin consistently no matter what I tried. I ended up giving it up for a Logitech G700 (good mouse) and then even giving that up for my old, trusty Logitech 610.

While I LOVE mousebinds and don't dislike the Naga I just found it too uncomfortable (avg. size hands) to hit several of the buttons WHILE moving the mouse. The somewhat cheap feel and crappy (on mine) scroll wheel earned it a spot in the drawer. With the Logitech 610 I have 8 buttons not counting l/r click that are all very easy to press while performing normal mouse movements. Adding shift + mouse button and alt + mouse button I have 24 binds on my mouse. Sorry if I kinda turned that into a reply-jack.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Protection Warrior 101 {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 4:42AM My main is a Prot Warrior and my alt is a Resto Shammy. Because my main is a tank I generally learn a dungeon from tanking and then heal it later. I actually tend to learn a lot more about a dungeon from healing it than from tanking it. I can see which mobs are casting what easier, which mobs do the most damage, exactly what each debuff does, and which parts are really tough on healers so I know when to pop tank cooldowns. I'd definitely recommend every tank have an alt healer just for the experience.

Gold Capped: Take the Mysterious Fortune Card house advantage {WoW}

Dec 29th 2010 8:22PM TL:DR: These are a rip off for anything more than about 1.5g.

Long ver:
I used to work in the gaming industry testing games and reviewing the math behind them. I'm sure now that I've said that I'll make some huge mistake and look like an idiot, but whatever, here goes:

I made a payout table based on the JMTC link in the article. Since there's no other real data to go by I'm assuming their percentages are exact. Since they haven't found a 1000g or 5000g card yet I made my own assumption that the 1000g will appear once per 1,000 cards and that the 5000g card will appear once per 5,000 cards.

An initial cost of 25g gives the following table of returns:

(Note 1: Since I can't preview or edit comments, this table will probably look like crap)
(Note 2: If numbers like 199 look weird, remember your initial wager isn't returned regardless of the payout so winning 5000g is a win of 4975g.)

Card Value Payout in Units Probability Return
0.1g -0.996 0.5376 -0.5354
0.5g -0.98 0.19840 -0.1944
1g -0.96 0.1678 -0.1611
5g -0.8 0.0696 -0.0557
20g -0.2 0.0225 -0.0045
50g 1.0 0.0013 0.0013
200g 7.0 0.0013 0.0092
1000g 39.0 0.001 0.039
5000g 199.0 0.0002 0.0398

So the above tables shows, for a 25g initial wager:
Total Return: -0.8619
House Edge/EV: 86.19%

For a 10g initial wager there's a house edge of ~65%.

The break even intial cost for a fortune card is roughly 3g45s. This is assuming 1/1000 for 100g cards and 1/5000 for 5000g cards.

Change that to 1/1000 for both 1000g and 5000g cards and the break even cost is roughly 7g40s.

Change that to 1/10,000 for both 1000g and 5000g cards and the break even cost is roughly 2g05s.

Assume you'll NEVER see the 1000g and 5000g cards and break even cost is 1g45s.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: The changing face of AoE {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 5:39PM I agree with you Manic Soul, tanking is one of the last fun/skillful activities around that truly requires dynamic thinking; I hope it doesn't change. I don't think that the majority of warriors complaining want it to be any easier either. Rather, I think the concern is just that Paladins and DKs just have it way, way too easy. GC's already addressed this and hopefully it'll be taken care of by Cata without homogenizing the tanks too much.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: The changing face of AoE {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 5:34PM The problem with CC being needed for survivability is that 6-10 months into the expansion it WON'T be needed. Back in mid-late BC there were plenty of pally tanks running around tanking heroics without CC while I, a decently geared (full T5) prot warrior still wanted the CC.

I'm generally very happy with warrior tanking now and were it's headed. I'm just concerned that down the line as Cata Heroics get less dangerous we'll be back in that same spot where people start whining the warrior tank wants CC while paladins (and possibly DKs) don't.

Drama Mamas: The broken leveling pact {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 1:16PM Back in mid-BC I had a warrior tank who had just gotten kicked from a heroic run send me a random tell while I was at the bank in Shatt asking for some tanking advice. I had 30 minutes to kill before a raid so I gave him some gearing advice and then took him to the little ogre plateau above Shatt to show him some techniques. About once a week or two he'd send me tells asking me this or that and I'd help him out. I even tagged along on my shammy for a (scary) heroic run a couple of times.

I took a break from WoW about six months ago and when I came back (and geared up a bit) I was PuG'd into a guild's ICC run and it turns out that same guy was now their main tank. I was worried at first then I noticed he was dripping in ICC gear and he turned out to be a damn good tank. I'm not normally a very nice person so that warm fuzzy feeling was new and pretty cool.