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Ready Check: Dealing with a weak healer {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 3:43PM moir scott pointed out,

also, for lead to complete set of article series:

And, it's rare for me to run OOM, I use my trinket (core of ripeness) when I can (or think about it), maaayyybe innervate once, and very rarely have to drink a mana potion. This after scattering rejuvs about and everything else, even during "long" fights. I seem to get close to mana issues when either we have a lot of us standing in bad stuff, me having to run around a lot avoiding things, and/or the fight seems to just drag on.

Ready Check: Dealing with a weak healer {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 2:57PM What do you look for, I know that will have a complex answer, however, what are the fundamental indicators to help understand good healing practices?
I'm a resto druid, and have been told to reduce my overhealing. Reading up on the topic, it seems that is just how druids operate, overhealing is a fact of the way resto healing works, weather healing tank or raid or both. I've had to toss heals on the off tank that frequently drops dangerously low too. The other healers in our 10 group, are a shaman and a priest.
We tried firelands normals, and kept wiping. We are geared in Tier 11, normal gear with some of us wearing some Tier 12 normal pieces. Personally, I think our difficulty is low gear (as in not heroic level tier pieces), thus lower DPS and lower stam overall that makes it difficult. Combined with learning the combat dance strategies, and too much movement, keeps us dead instead of the boss.

Blizzard's APIs and You: Cool information and tools coming down the pipe {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2011 2:45PM I applaud the great effort that AHSpy is making, and trust me I know how much it takes to get even a fraction of such a thing going. It looks great!

Another one I find useful, is theunderminejournal site. Very much a similar thing in relation to AHSpy.

I can only imagine the phenomenal amount of data harvesting going on to gather up such information to process.

That's something that doesn't get talked about, is the load all these requests must make on a data server. I know a few years ago, the wowarmory was throttled, and if you requested too fast, you got locked out for a day. I hope the API docs give you some suggestion how to avoid such problems.

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