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Breakfast Topic: I don't like the word 'toon' {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 11:28AM I don't think 'kk' is short for 'ok' - it's short for 'okay, cool' (or 'kool' if you can stand it...). Ok just means, 'I hear what you're saying'. 'kk' means 'I hear what you're saying - and I like it!' I use both ok and kk, depending on how happy I am about what I'm hearing. :-)

Officers' Quarters: Guild transfer anxiety {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 5:32PM I moved my guild at Christmas, and it was a huge success. Here's my tips.

Firstly, we took everyone on our roster, which even I was surprised about. However, I worked hard to make this happen. First, I posted up on our forum that we would be moving, with the reasons why. I opened the discussion up for people to say what they knew of other servers, and what they were looking for. Then, for every raider who had NOT posted on the thread that they would be going with us, I waited until they came online and /w them, asking how they felt and telling them that we hoped they would come with us, so everyone felt valued and part of the decision. This was a lot of work, as we are a 25-man guild! But it gave me a lot of information about what people were looking for.

Then, I did a lot of research into the other realms, having drawn up a list of what mattered to us, based on what I thought we needed and what people said they wanted. Things we considered is that raiding is better on a PvP server for some reason, but unless you're hardcore PvP types, pick one with more of your faction! And try to pick a server that's on the high end of medium pop, but isn't high - or you'll be queueing to get on on patch day. I visited the servers that looked likely, rolling a level 1 and looking at /2 in Org to get a feel for the place - were there plenty of pugs, pleasant chit-chat, not too much anal spam? I also researched population, pop balance, and WoW Progress - the internet is your friend. Your guildies will probably have some experience of other servers, too. Then when a server looked a good choice and looked like it would tick everyone's boxes, I rolled a toon there and levelled for a couple of weekends and a few evenings, to get a feel for it. I posted where I wanted to move us to, said why and how I felt it met our needs, and gave everyone a last chance to comment. I did offer to move a toon for everyone who couldn't afford it, which you may not want to do, but in the event only one person took me up on the offer. We also stockpiled flasks and gems, and told people we had, to recognize that people wouldn't have their alts there. Not necessary in the end, but again, it made people feel that we were helping them, and that the move was thought through.

Finally, we moved, having given everyone all the information they needed, plus some notice of when - we did it over the Christmas break. As soon as we got to the new server, we started advertising - I stood in trade posting that we were new to the server, and what sort of a guild we are. We pride ourselves on being organized and being a low-drama guild, so that's what we told people. If you know your Unique Selling Point, you can always get players. We hit the ground running, and got going as soon as we got there. If we hadn't have got all our roster there, it may have been harder, but we got the one or two people we needed to be viable within a day or two. We've never looked back.

I will say that our guild was strong, and we picked our time well when we still had enough people to just about be raiding. That's why I wouldn't necessarily wait to long trying other options - if you have just about enough people to raid, you will be in a better place to recruit on your new server.

Oh, and raid leading? Go for it - if it doesn't work out, you have at least tried. Expect to make mistakes, it's the only way to learn, and don't take it hard when you have a bad night - it ISN'T all your fault, and as long as you learn from it it isn't a wasted night. Good luck!

Breakfast Topic: Is DKP starting to become obsolete? {WoW}

Mar 10th 2012 8:41AM I've raided 25-man for the last two years, so I can't speak for 10-mans - comments about loot council being more viable in 10s make sense.

But for my guild, I've assumed it's a given that you'll use a DKP system of some sort unless you are seriously hardcore. I wouldn't think to advertise we have one.

We're semi-hardcore, and more about progress than epics (or at least, that's the theory. ;-) ). The most common questions from people enquiring about my guild are, what's your progress, what nights do you raid, and what classes are you recruiting. So I assume those things matter much more than the loot system we use.

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