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Know Your Lore: 5 must-do Horde zones to complete before Mists {WoW}

Mar 11th 2012 8:42PM I see what you did there... carry on

Know Your Lore: 5 must-do Horde zones to complete before Mists {WoW}

Mar 11th 2012 6:28PM What about Ashenvale? The zone with some of the most diverse Orcs you can describe in all the game. Questing from the entrance at the southern borders to the western shore will break any stereotype that Orcs are dumb monster like creature who only think with their fists and will make you realize they are some of the most diverse race in all of Warcraft who love, hate, cry, coward and laugh just like the humans do.

I'm ashamed anne that you didn't even give this zone an honorable mention! TSSK TSSK!

Q&A with your roleplaying questions {WoW}

Feb 18th 2012 8:45PM Well speaking of accents... Commander Schnottz! German accents are now canon!


Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 11:49PM If i get the mount, i'll add in some boomboxes and play some kanye west. I'll then fly to the low level zone, winking at the ladies and asking them if they want a ride.

Breakfast Topic: How do you roleplay in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 6th 2012 7:36PM That's me!
...AND HEY! Just because Babe does my taxes... and my laundry... and grooms me doesn't mean i'm his pet!

Breakfast Topic: How do you roleplay in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 6th 2012 10:09AM Ever since i was 5 years old, I played all the previous warcraft games. Every time i clicked on a soldier and ordered him to move, it made me feel like i was a warlord commanding an army to help doomhammer. I didn't need imagination, the game was made that way. Every time i brought in my brothers and played Lan, we always made up scenarios as we built our bases to make up a reason why we fought (usually we ran out of gold and fought over the last gold mine). One day, after i popped in my war 3 CD, in the setup menu, i decided to check out of boredom the "2004 Gameplay trailer" of "world of warcraft", you all know which one I’m talking about. My eyes was wide open when i saw that lone horseman up on a Khaz modam hill leading a charge, while i heard the music "Legends of Azeroth" being played over people fighting in an arena with a crowd of people, REAL people! I HAD to play that game! That fly by view of Blackrock depth was so stuck into my mind i couldn't think of anything else at the time! I wanted to be THE soldier in battle, to see inside the orc barracks and to walk in the woods exploring the world. But most of all, i wanted to share my stories to people about that. Just like in that trailer! There were merry men dancing on a bar counter probably after they talked about dragon slaying for all i know!

Then, i finally got the game. I remember, it was before the burning crusade was announced. I got in a normal server and threw myself in the lion's den. I stop smiling the following hour. What did i see? "Space bar" people hopping around, trolls yelling "Noob", trade chat was filled with chuck norris jokes and then the raids... oh the raids... It killed me. . People only wanted bigger numbers and shiny gears. People just wanted to get up, fight nameless creatures or pvp like it was counter strike and then go back to sleep. No bar hopping, no drinks shared, no people sitting down by a campfire singing or talking about their days, no orcs yelling "Lok'thar ogar!", it was all about the gear, acquiring new gears to get even better gear. I realize this wasn't a warcraft game, at least not how i played all of them before, this was a number game! Why am i paying 14 bucks a month? I was in high school, this was my lunch money! I felt like a little boy who stumble his toe, it hurts too much and i had to cry from the pain but people all around me was telling me to grow up. Like i fool i accepted that.

So i quit the game, and i thought for good too. I spend the next months just playing diablo 2, avoiding because i didn't want that to ruin my fun too. But then, after i got my own place and starting the college life, Illidan was ranting on a trailer. I loved that guy in war 3 and i missed him so much i figured "Why not! Let’s give this game one more chance. I want to know what's up with him!" So i reactivated my subscription. As i shudders at the thought of hanging out with the players who trolled me daily, i decided i was gonna try a newly created server, called "moonguard". This was, mind you, before the whole goldshire scandals. As soon as my orc walked in the capital, my mind was blown.

People walked in orgrimmar... i repeat, people WALKED! No one felt rushed, they didn't feel like calling out for a mage to teleport, instead they set up fruits stands and bartered green items to each other... in the street! The drag was a bazaar! I ran to the nearest inn and then, just like in that trailer, taurens danced like troubadours, trolls drank their earnings and the orcs (and elves, who were new at the time) exchanged jokes. That was my calling, I don't want to be a raider and get my ears raped by constant shouting, I wanted to tell stories and listen to people. To hear their complaints about how thrall was too nice to the elves not how blizzard should nerf mages! That's when it hit me: i love RP because i love warcraft. And ever since when an expansion came out, my first thought has always been that I can't wait to explore and to hear new tales from people!

I moved on from Moonguard as it changed too much for me (for the better or for the worst, you decide). As i RPed over the year, I never wanted to break the lore, I always wanted to be part of it instead. Though when someone tried to be original, i always humor him in character (*pats on the half dragon/vampire/elf's head* "That's cute... so wanna drink?") Now i am active on a RP server and on a PVP-RP server. My mains that stands out right now are pretty diverse with their RP: a very vain blood elf hunter who loves to look himself in the mirror and flirt with girls he can get his eyes on... he never even got to first base in his life (Ever knew that orc ladies never slap, they punched? it hurts!) his dog is usually the brain of the duo, then i got a religious troll druid (he was first a shaman) who worships the Loas and always protects the weak from the strong and finally my orc warrior (who will soon be my monk) a bull headed soldier who thinks of nothing but violence while slowly loosing what's left of his honor.

I carved these character for years to be perfected, it didn't matter that i never killed ragnaros or know what Al'akir looks like! They still were part of the burning crusade, help the fighting against the scourge and the rebuilding of azeroth. I got so inspired from writing in real life that i actually joined in a poetry group at my college, even entered (thought never won) short stories contest! I am so glad too that blizzard recognize us Rper by making new hangouts, more stories to be part of and giving out items that serves no purpose but to help being immersed in the world (my troll druid is very happy with mylune's call, i thank you :D )

So yeah Olivia, rping changed my point of view for the game for me. You'd be surprise how many people love to pretend that an Ulduar raid is an excuse to act like schoolboys playing cops and robbers... except this time it's adventurers with different backgrounds coming together to stop an old god. How world Pvp on a PVP-RP server means more serious rules of engagement on the battlefield (I'm talking about never shooting in the back, no /spit and prisoner exchange!). To me, the game is exactly like how it says on the original game box, "be part of the legend". I know i was, i know i am and, with the stunning beautiful views of pandaria and the lore behind its people, i know i still will be part of that legend... and i would love to hear yours!

Know Your Lore: Scarlet Monastery revisited {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 1:53PM Ok, call me stupid or claim my comment irrelevant but when i witness Joseph the insane rise into insanity during the instances progression, I for some weird reason immediatly thought of nicolas cage's insanity. Here's me hopping he makes some nic cage quotes in the revamp.

Know Your Lore: NPC evolution from classic WoW to The Burning Crusade {WoW}

Sep 18th 2011 5:36PM That's what you get , BOY!

Around Azeroth: Let's get away from it all {WoW}

Sep 16th 2011 2:11PM Am i the only one who thought of howl's moving castle? You know the part where howl stroll through the sky with Sophie at the beginning?

Patch 4.3: Worgen racial mounts {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 11:13PM Ok blizz hear me out... here a pitch for the worgen mounts. Ever seen those medieval tapestry? The one where there were nobles that rode horses with tabards (read no armor) that covered them completely except for the eyes?
That. It is Gilnean like, it could fit the Victorian life that gilneans have. OH and also, make it in a way that female ride it sideways, like a proper english lady!

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