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Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 5:00PM Adding to what I just said -- I develop software. By the time we have an Alpha, the plan is long done and the bulk of the coding is done. The last thing we really want to do is to have to scrap a lot of hard work because our Alpha is completely wrong. NOW is the time for plans. Before we reach Alpha.

Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 4:58PM Oh, and what is your source for that information? I'm not as sanguine about you that this isn't what our specs will look like come MoP, in the absence of criticism and advice to the contrary. They put these out there for us to critique, therefore we must assume they have some validity.

Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 3:15PM It has always been that way. It's TNT which causes Explosive Trap and Black Arrow to proc LnL

Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 2:08PM I agree that the talent system rocks. Most of the talents offered are at least acceptable, as well. It's what the MoP Talent Calculator is showing us about the specs outside the talents that's troubling. All the Tier 1 spec. talents are completely MIA. These may be "boring, passive" talents, but they have an enormous impact on gameplay. I see no sign that these abilities are being rolled into the specs. In fact, the spec. ability listings are rather tired, incomplete, unimaginative adaptations of the current specs. to the new framework. Having BM missing Longevity, Go for the Throat, Sic'em. Efficiency, Improved Kill Command, Bestial Discipline, One with Nature and Pathing all severely affects the spec.

All of the first two tiers of talents are available, at least in part, to all specs. and are important to all specs. We see no clue about how that will be addressed. We're being asked to provide feedback, but being given such a haphazard effort to work with, it's hard to provide meaningful feedback. We're left either assuming "well, surely they're rectify " or being quite worried about where this is leading.

They finally removed Counterattack, but they don't address the problem with why Counterattack is such a joke. In Wrath and Cata, hunters have been systematically stripped of our passive defenses. Our parry was nerfed to the ground in Wrath, but we were left with dodge (due to monkey and dragonhawk), and talents that improved our dodge. In Cata, they stripped away all our dodge. We're hugely squishy in melee (and now disengage is broken. Argh!). We have almost no passive damage mitigation other than armor (which ain't very impressive). Aspect of the Iron Hawk is NOT going to fix that, because we'll still frequently need to switch to Fox when being trained by melee and we need to move while recovering focus (right when we need the damage reduction. duh.).

What we're being shown is wholly unworkable if implemented as is, and we're being given no insight that there's a plan for how to put it all together in something that work.

Again, the talent framework is great. Our peek into the spec. construction is deeply troubling.

Scattered Shots: Patch 4.3 hunter gear {WoW}

Nov 10th 2011 10:22AM I can see using 2-PIece T13 in PvP just for the focus regen. Making up the resilience with gems or enchants if you need to.

Scattered Shots: A very hunter BlizzCon {WoW}

Oct 20th 2011 9:26AM Please, pet collars are an awful, awful idea that will do nothing but make balancing the class more difficult and giving us more gear to grind than any other class.

Scattered Shots: Hunter reforging priorities {WoW}

Aug 18th 2011 5:38PM Am I not understanding something right about askmrrobot? I loaded my current gear and had it "optimize" me and it left me at only 5.98% hit. Female Dwarf showed the "optimized" gear as a 500dps loss....?

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