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Patch 4.3: Raid Finder loot rules updated {WoW}

Oct 8th 2011 10:28AM Would it really be so difficult for them to just look at the little bit on your character sheet-menu-thing where it clearly states your spec and apply bonuses as required?
I have SOME programming experience so I know that's perfectly feasible, so it's more than likely that this isn't top priority for the dev team right now (DEATHWINGDEATHWINGDEATHWING).

I can see now why they weren't able to implement this kind of system in Wrath - they didn't think of it in vanilla so until the system was redesigned there was never an opportunity to go to town in this fashion.

But here's an interesting thought: how about a piece of loot/token drops for every role when a boss is defeated? One for tanks, one for melee DPS, another for ranged DPS, one for healers, etc.? Less disagreement over what loot should go to what class because it'll be clearly designated by the game.

Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2011 8:52AM I'm in Shadowman Tribe, one of the oldest guilds on Runetotem (EU). I'm a casual raider but I always contribute to progression where I can, and I've gotten to know the guildies quite well.

The 'one guy' in my SMT, for me, is probably Freejack. He's honest, committed, helpful and utterly hilarious. It's a joy to raid with him because he'll wait for half an hour just to get through the next group of trash mobs if that's how long the rest of the team needs.

If it weren't for him, I reckon it would take at least half an hour longer to fill up a good Heroic raid group, simply because he attracts good company.

Is it time to kill tanking? {WoW}

Aug 30th 2011 6:46AM I started playing WoW about 5 months before Wrath hit. My first class was Warrior but all the way to 80 I never tanked once, never even felt the urge to try it out. 2H boomcrits were what attracted me to the class and nothing that I saw on Wowhead or Insider about Prot Warriors compared.

Then, many months later, after leveling a DK to 80 and gearing him up in Ulduar my guild started running Ony-80. I was still /dancing my way through fights as a DPS-specced Blood DK and swinging 7k quite comfortably and had absolutely no intention of Tanking, even though my bags contained a full set of the latest tanking gear and a sub-spec into Frost.

One night the OT dropped out just before we engaged Onyxia and no other tanks were online in the guild.

So the Guild Leader looked to me.

The experience of handling 40 whelps by myself, pulling Lair Guards off my healer, Rune Striking the Brood Mother in the face every second... it was so liberating.

From then on I was just as much a tank as I was a damage dealer. the week after my initial experience, in fact, I tanked Patch-25 by myself with no melee support.

My message is this: if you ant to get more people into tanking, you have to make them feel special. If a player tanking is constantly looking at Recount to see their DPS standing so they don't get raged at for not contributing enough to the group DPS, they're not having the right experience. A tank has to feel like they're holding the weight of the world on their shoulders, keeping their allies from being crushed underfoot.

And they have to feel like they're capable of that feat.

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