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Breakfast Topic: Do you like PvP? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 9:18AM I love the IDEA of pvp, just not always the execution there-of in WoW.

One of the most fun places to play pvp SHOULD be lower levels, when you're learning a new class, have fewer abilities, and everything is just simpler. Unfortunately it just doesn't work out that way. Even at level 15, the gap b/w new players and veterans is so huge (in gear and ability) that I find anyone with the patience to stick with it and learn their craft to be incredibly tenacious. Some classes totally dominate (hunters) and its rare that teams are evenly matched. One dedicated healer can make all the difference. (example: last night in WSG, my Horde team runs out to meet an Alliance team that is completely bubbled. Makes you want to just sit in the graveyard and wait for the end of the game.)

I've read about Blizzard's plans to give everyone base resilience. I'm hoping this and other improvements can save pvp in MoP.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Fury in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 9:51AM Couple questions. If the first is silly, i apologize.

1. Thinking about weapon availability, what happens if you equip a 2-hander and a one-hander at the same time? Does the new fury really allow you to equip the two best weapons you have, period?

2. It sounds like capping on rage won't be nearly as detrimental as running out of rage, and I personally won't miss heroic strike. Do you think the devs' intention was to make Fury warrior think more about the rotation and less about the resource.

All in all, warriors are becoming a lot like Death Knights. The stances in MoP will work much like DK presences, and the rotation will be more about hitting abilities at the right time rather than overly worrying about resources. This doesn't bother me as I've greatly enjoyed my DK in the past, but I can foresee groans from more traditional warriors.

*Side note. The level 75 talents are pretty bland for dps. While stance no longer matters (as much), I assume we will still have to macro a shield equip to reflect a bunch of spells?

PvP twinking for dummies {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 8:23PM Good read! Lowbie pvp-ing is great fun, despite getting 3-shotted by hunters in early brackets.

Only thing you said that I had a problem with was, "If your class is a cloth- and then leather-wearer, it will stubbornly remain mail." This reads to me like there's a class that starts off wearing cloth but then switches to leather at 40, and I'm not aware of said class. If that's not what you meant, then my apologies!

The value of the BoA caster gear cannot be understated. It works for warlocks, priests, mages, boomkin, resto druids, and elemental and resto shammies and holy pallies. That's 14 talent trees! Yeah, you might be missing out on a little bit of armor with some of those classes, but low-level pvp is about who shoots first, and preferably in the back. If that warrior or pally in full BoA gear gets up close to you, no amount of armor will save you.

Last but not least...enchant, enchant, enchant! If you armory the Hunter who just 3-shotted you, chances are he has +15 agi on his bracers, +7 stam on his boots, and +100 health on his chest, to name a few, not to mention weapon enchants and a scope on his gun. It makes a huge difference.

Know Your Lore: The undead, part 2 {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 3:45PM Omg, so sorry about that, Rossi! Im so used Anne writing these that i didnt even check.

Posting comments via iPhone not recommended...

Know Your Lore: The undead, part 2 {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 1:33PM Ive always wondered why -- if they indeed cannot taste -- zombies crave living flesh. Im pretty sure vampires use blood as sustenance, but what about zombies? Ive never heard of a case where a zombie used food to regenerate.

Maybe that constant hunger is a tool of the zombie's creator to drive it against whomever he wants dead? Or if undeath could be defined as "hell on earth" (or Azeroth) perhaps that insatiable hunger is part and parcel to the entire Hell experience.

Thank you, Miss Stickney. Youve given me much to contemplate on a long flight to Salt Lake...

Breakfast Topic: What's the least loved class in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 10:11AM "If only Locks could wear plate and melee! Then I would like them more even with their vile pets."

Those are called Death Knights. Me and just about every other squishy-feeling lock out there made one in the first month of Wrath.

Breakfast Topic: What's the least loved class in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 9:31AM Hmm, now I feel the need to represent Locks everywhere, since I didn't respond to the last BT.

My lock was my first toon, ever, and I leveled him during BC. I was not a good WoW player and it was hard. Maybe not "hard", but it took forever. Send in blueberry, start dotting, throw a shadowbolt, repeat. The play felt slow and I felt weak (I was on every Rogue's speed-dial in Hellfire Penn), so I happily switched to a DK as soon as Wrath popped.

But by the end of Wrath, I decided to dust off the lock and after a little reading, switched to Destruction. I know Destro gets a little ribbing for being the "magey" spec, but its definitely my favorite now. I felt like the crazy guy from The Stand just wanting to set everything on fire. That also happened to be Tier 9, and I loved the Guldan aesthetic on my Forsaken madman.

My main is my warrior right now, cause I really enjoy tanking. But my destro lock will always...

/puts on sunglasses

...have a warm place in my heart. :)

Oh, and I'll never, ever, ever be able to level a priest to 85.

The Queue: Everything is better with a ukulele {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 11:06AM re: ukeleles

Don't forget Eddie Vedder. He just put out a whole album of ukelele music and it's solid. His deep baritone voice over a soft ukelele is a nice mix.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 10:06AM I'm sure this will get buried so far down in the comments that no one will see it, but I'll post my story anyways.

I'm trying to gear a new 85 Prot Warrior for raiding. My tank set is lvl 346. But because i have some crafted PVP gear *in my bags*, the dungeon finder seems to think my ilvl is closer to 366. So yesterday when I get up the courage to queue as a tank, LFD sticks me in End Time. I explained my gear situation to the group, apologized and dropped out. Guess what? I now have a 30 min deserter debuff before I can re-queue.

Another poster suggested that one could buy their way into PVE through the AH. I don't really find this feasible. Not all of us have 100K gold lying around, and the 378 firelands BOEs are still 10-15K or more on my server (Cenarion Circle). The troll BoEs would help, but people don't seem to be running those as much, so there's just not as much inventory on the AH.

My new plan: Grind honor until my eyes bleed, buy all the 390 honor gear I can and just queue into LFD as Arms. Then hope that 1.) tank gear drops and 2.) the main tank doesn't need it, and 3.) no other melee dps roll against me for it. My young guild is also about to start raiding this week in T11, and I'm hoping my RL will let me run in said pvp gear, otherwise I'm up Sh*t's Creek.

The best thing that will come out of this is that I can learn the new dungeons by watching other tanks, instead of it being a complete trial by fire.

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