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Ready Check: Dealing with a dead tank {WoW}

Sep 9th 2011 5:58PM We have a very (very? Extremely, disproportionately, horrifically) bad tank in our raids at times. He taunts off our other (good!) tank all the time, even when he has debuffs of death and doom that mean our other tank NEEDS to be tanking, he never uses cooldowns, loses aggro (he once lost a boss to healing aggro from our resto shammy), delivers awful DPS when it matters, blames the healers for dying, and has been roasted in every kind of fire there is - he's ready to be served up well-done with a side of fries. He's also the only person in the history of WoW to get hit by Bethilac's "knockback" and go flying through a hole on her web.

We're not exactly short on tanks, but we currently work on rotation to get people into raids. The real issue we have is that he won't listen to any advice. He gets defensive, blames everyone from the healers to the DPS to fluffy the wonder sheep for his mistakes, and insists he's our best tank. Dealing with a tank who is poorly performing is one thing, but how do you deal with a tank who's outright delusional?

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