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Sarah Palin to Step Down as Governor of Alaska {Politics Daily}

Jul 4th 2009 1:09AM 80% do you realize how many people actually live in Alaska? and how smart they are? I've been there, that's a joke.

Sarah Palin to Step Down as Governor of Alaska {Politics Daily}

Jul 4th 2009 1:06AM I was really hoping that she would retreat to her den in Alaska, feast on the ignorance she's stored through the years and slumber till 2012. She is by far the stupidest publicized politician and anyone that thinks otherwise should really re-evaluate their mentality and their place in life. More Trigs? not only is that a horrid name (Like all the others, poor kids) and I know she meant it in more of a spiritual sence and not so much literal, but that was one of the most idiotic statements. Really? Does America need more dependent, needy people sucking away tax dollars. No. It would be the biggest leap back in the history of the U.S. Well...Actually, I think George W. Bush has that honor.

The Barrens, or WoW's Daycare? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2006 5:04PM Well it just so happens two of my brothers are those whiney litte brats that just talk crap about one another...My youngest brother (10) has never gotten past lvl 3 and the other (12) cant seem to fight his bordom long enough to get past lvl 10 exept for one time I forced him into so he could help me!
(but he was 10 lvls lower than me so he dident really help)

But toataly...if your board go into a really poupulated area (Darkshore and GoldShire work fine for Me)
And say some random thing like....God isent real and just bullshit and say your brother died of'll get some of the best reactions!

And I toataly think...get out of starting point at lvl 6 wait no longer but I go there and recruit people for my guild lvl 1's take the bait like a fish and a really plump night crawler!