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Breakfast Topic: Spill your 5-man PUG stories here {WoW}

Jan 26th 2012 3:16PM I have little love for the condescending, the elitist, and those who think they know you and the level of your skill without knowing you at all.

For example, I was healing Hour of Twilight for the first time on my off-spec, as healing was something of a little break being 'just another cannon fodder DPS' for me, and I was paired off with this tank all decked out in Heroic Tier 13. The guy was impatient as all get, kicking one DPS who was just stopping to drink up his mana and scolding the rogue that replaced him for sitting around a few seconds too long.

Now, I'll be honest, I was not aware of the debuffs some of the mobs slap onto your tank, but I could heal through them just fine and I don't think the DPS noticed any drop in performance. I was only made aware of these debuffs after the fights were over, which in retrospect, didn't really help the run at all.

Simple mistake, slight oversight. I accepted that this instance, while not new to me as a DPS, was still new to me as an experienced raid healer, so I let this first terse warning from the tank slide. I needed the reminder, and I was grateful for that.

What really made my ears turn red though was after we downed Benedictus. I was doing my hardest in that fight, Remove Corruption and all ... and one of the DPS still went down. Turns out that I still missed a debuff, and the tank rounded on me on that one error basically saying, "Cleansing and Decursing is a very important part of healing. Learn how to do it properly." ... and then he drops group while I'm picking my broken jaw back up from the floor.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious Mr. 'I'm-a-Heroic T13-tank-and-I-will-not-tolerate-anyone-who-dares-perform-below-my-expectations'. I -so- appreciate your constructive criticism. *vents out remaining steam*

Thankfully, the above is just a rare fluke. Most runs I heal go in silence and without complaint, and I savor every moment of peaceful reprieve. I love you, tanks, I really do... We healers wouldn't do what we do if we didn't.

On a sillier note, I recall something my old guild used to do when it was still possible to pull an entire instance at once ... *trollface* But that's another story for another time.

Breakfast Topic: Why do you love your spec? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2012 12:48PM My main is a Balance Druid. My most frequented alt is a Retribution Paladin. On many, if not all, of my alts, I find myself playing what many would consider 'sub-optimal' or simply 'stupid' specs. Back when I first rolled my first character so many years ago, specs like Balance or Ret were laughed at or even written off as useless. Even today, I sense this is the case ... That's why I chose these specs then and why I still love them now. Someone's gotta show a little love where we be feelin' nothin' but hate, mon. It was just lucky happenstance that these backwater specs clicked with my preferred playstyle.

Guild champions volunteer spirit beyond the borders of Azeroth {WoW}

Jan 5th 2012 7:35PM This guild. This is the kind of guild I would love to have one day. Well... It is a new year, and this is a season for fresh starts. Who knows? It could just be what the doctor ordered for our community...

That said, keep up the good work, <Bearers of the Light>! May you continue to be an inspiration and a blessing to Azeroth and Earth for seasons to come!

Breakfast Topic: How many rolls did it take to get your character right? {WoW}

Oct 7th 2011 5:48PM To be brief, yes, the very first character I rolled is indeed my main. I had the fortune of having buddies who were willing to help me sort out what class and spec would fit me best before I even laid my feathery mitts on a copy of the game. They were even kind enough to take me under their wings once I rolled to better train and sharpen me into what I am today.

Years later, I'm still traipsing the woods of Azeroth as a proud (but very, very odd) tree-hugging night elf druid ...that is not ashamed to go doomkin on the rears of any dastardly fiend that would dare harm this beautiful and rich world!

... *cough*

Sorry about that. Got a little carried away there. Cookies, anyone? They're freshly baked!

Breakfast Topic: Where do you want your character to die? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2011 7:57PM Golly gee. *feels old* I have a literal platoon of living characters, all of them with backgrounds and lives of their own. I've actually managed to kill one off (it was painful in more ways than one for both of us, truly) but he got turned into a death knight. I don't know if or when he'll go down permanently. I'll get back to you guys on his status.

That said, I'd bore you guys with twenty-some story-endings, but it's probably better if I just limit it to my three personal favorites:

My huntress, after living a long and accomplished life, would travel to her birthplace, amongst the Rainspeaker Oracles of Sholazar Basin. There, she would lay down near a shrine dedicated to the Titans with her faithful striped frostsaber companion at her side and pass on to the afterlife where her loved ones await her.

My paladin, perhaps grievously wounded after a pivotal and successful battle, would quietly vanish from his infirmary bed in the middle of the night. Once clear of anyone watching him, he would take wing and also travel to Northrend, deep into the Dragonblight. There, he would lay his broken body down amongst the bones of his kin and breathe his last, the spirits of his beloved family escorting him into the Light he shed his blood for.

And finally, my beloved main and the adoptive father of both my paladin and huntress, my druid -- Old age would finally catch up with him, as immortality provided by Nordrassil's blessing had granted him a long, storied, happy, and sometimes tragic life. He had lived long enough to have seen the world sundered twice, and had worked tirelessly as a loremaster to preserve the stories of the world's heroes, sung and unsung. Those he cared about would have long since passed into the ether before he would finally decide to join them. He would make his peace with the world and the Dream, then make the slow pilgrimage into the deepest parts of Felwood where his family owned land in a time before the great Sundering. Once he arrives at the ruins of his family's old manor, he will use the last of his strength of dig one last barrow den amidst the ruined stone colonnades. He will lay himself down inside that den and drift to sleep one last time and walk the Dream with those he called his family and friends, be they of his blood or those he had taken in under his great wings over the length of his years.

*le sigh*

Ahem. With that sappiness over with, who wants to play a game of yahtzee? I brought enough dice for everyone!

Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2011 12:13PM *busts a gut laughing*

I am a dude moonkin, and I can just hear the epically STUNNED silence over Vent right now.

Brofist. Thanks for the tip.

Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2011 12:12PM ((WTB edit button. That was for Plainswander up there. D'oh.))

Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2011 12:11PM *busts a gut laughing*

I am a dude moonkin, and I can just hear the epically STUNNED silence over Vent right now.

Brofist. Thanks for the tip.

Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2011 12:05PM ... and, um, please don't pelt me with bricks and rotten produce about the DPS thing.

*ducks under desk*

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