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Player blasts free from overweight gamer stereotype {WoW}

Dec 1st 2011 3:56PM Well, if you start a lifting routine you want to try to do it at least 2 times a week or if possible 3 times. Go for composite lifts and eat lots of protein. Lifting is a honestly a bit of a life style change but it makes you feel so much better and you adapt to the pain quick.

Player blasts free from overweight gamer stereotype {WoW}

Dec 1st 2011 3:24PM Welldead, that depends if you are a girl or a boy. Also, drinking water to eat less is just a bandaid. The question comes down to what you are trying to do. Do you just want to be skinny and appear to have strength because of a 6 pack? Do you want to be able to lift a lot of weights and not worry as much about your look? Or you can do both. The key to understanding your best diet is what your goal is.

Your own weight really depends on your height and sex as I said. I personally am 205 pounds but I am a decently well built person. I could lose some fat and will most likely do it come next spring, but I am in shape which is what is most important to me.

The best solution is to lift weights in my opinion, no matter your sex. Working out works out great because you can eat more calories, you put on muscle, and its just plain fun. Its a great idea because it forces your body to repair itself and change its metabolism.

Cardio activities are good filler but using them as a means of losing weight alone is just a poor idea. While I really endorse lifting weights and think eating less and running is a bad idea, I will say they are better than nothing. If you lose weight in a manner like this you will simply become skin and bones. The goal is to actually change your life style.

When it comes to things such as weight watchers they work but they just aren't very efficient in my opinion. They tend to over dramatize eating pizza and other foods they declare to be terribly unhealthy. THis really is why i endorse lifting weights. You are able to still eat a lot of food and in fact you are encouraged to if you want to put enough work into it. The goal though is to make sure you have a friend who understands lifting weights.

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