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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria announced {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 3:23PM The difference between the other "animal" races and panda are that panda look like a stupid Jack Black movie designed for 10 year olds. Tauren don't look like fat, cuddly cows - they look like their source, the Greek Minotaur (who was neither cute nor cuddly, and prone to eat human flesh). The draenei, while called "goats" mockingly, are clearly not based off actual goats - it's just artistic license to make a humanoid race look different. Again, worgen get their source from myth and legend - savage man-beasts that render flesh and hunt, dangerous and deadly, and also not drawn to look cute and cuddly in game.

Now, we get every bad Kung Fu panda art style and animation possible. As a 38 year old gamer, I don't want to play Free Worlds. I want to play something interesting and compelling, something that would appeal to both young and old alike (the way a good Pixar movie does) and not something "panda-ring" to children.

My subscription is due to renew Oct 27th. Cancelling it now. No matter how much TOR or GW2 may disappoint, nothing can be worse for my personal playstyle than this news. (It's not just the pandas, it's the lack of compelling leveling content and another measly 5 levels to rush you to end game, emphasis on PvP, *and* pandas.)

Care bear and proud, taking my gaming elsewhere. I wish the best of you every happiness, but Nora's out.

Breakfast Topic: Do you blog about WoW? {WoW}

Sep 16th 2011 12:52PM I've started (and stopped) a couple blogs over the years. One was largely an online journal of sorts, just my own random musings about the game and system and pretty much just meant for my own use or the viewing of friends.

For a few months, I had a shaman blog that I maintained. The sad thing was, while I really enjoyed it and tried to write it as a public/community blog - I thought nobody was reading it so I stopped updating it as a waste of time. Turns out in an embarrassing moment of noobness, I had it set to require comment moderation for unregistered users - so I just recently found out that apparently quite a lot of people were reading and giving really great, positive feedback! But since I didn't find those until well over a year after I stopped writing, well...guess I missed my spot in the limelight.

Recently, I dusted off an older effort I had - Guild Leading 101 ( because I'm getting ready to retire from my WoW guild and so I'm both working on trying to train up and cover everything I learned in the last 5 years of leading for my successor, but also to very closely examine the last 5 years of leadership for myself, so that I can think about what went well and what I want to do differently for our upcoming TOR effort. I honestly don't know if it would be "readable" by a larger community, I tend to be verbose. But I think a lot of what I've learned and experienced is useful in any MMO, be it TOR, WoW, RIFT, or whatever. Leadership is leadership, no matter where you go. I guess my aspiration had always been to have a blog oriented along the lines of Scott Andrews' Officer Quarters, though I also find it can sometimes be hard to write guild or leadership advice if you're not getting questions. So maybe my long-term goal is to have a leadership blog with people who write comments or email in with questions, in addition to just my own thoughts or advice from 5 years of running a guild in WoW (and probably another 10 years serving as an officer or admin on MUDs before that.)

Anyway if any aspiring or former guild leaders/officers want to provide constructive feedback, it would be appreciated!

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