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5 reasons you should love classic World of Warcraft {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2011 6:59AM If you ever played on Firetree US-PvP in vanilla, you'll miss Baconn and his 39 healers in BRM (ya stupid reckoning bombs), or 's bounties on players on both factions. (Damn i miss being the hunted target of the whole server's alliance)

I miss those tight knitted server community. :( nowadays i dont even get on server forum anymore, it's just full of hate.

The Light and How to Swing It: Dissecting the melee healer myth {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 6:40PM I think they mentioned before wrath that one of the closest contender to DK as a hero class was a class that heal as melee. I think they're just using the concept from back then.

Breakfast Topic: Who'd be next to die in WoW Faction Leader Survivor? {WoW}

Oct 17th 2011 6:17PM As far as im aware of the forsaken lore, and how their story evolve after playing this game for 7 years (yes i got all 10 classes on horde and im starting alliance luls), they still have their humanity, for example, when you bring sylvanas' sister's pendant to her, she wheep a lil before pretending to be remorseless, i think the livings' rejection on their existence had fuel the hostility and intention to make the livings part of them, so this is mainly towards Human, and all those that help human. As far as these ppl in forsaken had fought together all along, they cherished each other as much as hate to see each other cease to existence, that is why the concern of the race's continuity, and as they couldnt reproduce, they seek mass sacrifice of livings to maintain their numbers in defending their places in this world. All they really seeking is a place in this world.

Honestly, while i agree Koltira might have his place in future story, i don't believe Sylvanas would be soon dead, firstly because of forsaken's role in the lore that become the main plot points for WoW's horde along with Orc, it would take too much retcon to tell why she died, how she died, what happen next, etc. Her evilness is what make forsaken the main plot for horde after Orc, and so far there isn't any capable forsaken that is as focus as her in distraction of the livings' rejection. Forsaken is a unique race, they dont have any loyalty towards anybody, none of em, they all lived for themselves, except for Sylvanas who try to keep the race going. This is why she can't die that early, as long they dont do power transfering crap like thrall and garrosh.

Words aside, i think Blizz will need to look at the continuity of Ebon Blade, perhaps induce them into the Forsaken rank or whatsoever.

I do believe Varian would be next in line of eating dirt tho, there are various reasons for it, and the most obvious one is how Anduin being the spotlight in his development, and how he has been on throne for awhile during his father's absence. Besides that, how many legacy weapon in lore you can think of? Doomhammer, Lightbringer, etc. Anduin has Fearbreaker, a mace that can be used to heal, a legacy of the Bronzebeard, given to him by Magni before he go lul-i-am-crystal, all of these had proved that Blizz does think Varian's existence and lore is a fail, and somebody need to lead the Alliance. I think the whole Horde vs Alliance thing in Cata is really just a plot to bring out the sinister plan of Twillight Hammer, and i don't believe Garrosh will remain in place for long without and lore supporting the fact that he has change to a better leader. All these will be reveil soon, as this expansion coming to an end.

Know Your Lore: The Shattering, part 1 {WoW}

Oct 10th 2011 1:03AM mm if im not mistaken, Garrosh is actually older than Thrall in term of the lore timeline...not younger..

Today in WoW: Steve Jobs has died {WoW}

Oct 6th 2011 12:05PM It mark the end of IT golden era. A man with vision, character, courage, innovation, and humbleness, a true man indeed.


Lichborne: PVPing as a blood death knight {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 12:04AM i've been blood pvp-ing lately, and i realise that, while we couldn't taunt our opponent, you can still be the first who charge in, more likely that half the opposing raid will be targetting you trying to steal kill blows off each other before they realise they're slowly cut down in numbers by your other team mates.

Blood can outlast most average pvp-ers in 1-1 situation, or 1 v 2, that's about it the strength of blood pvp. I'm blood in both pve and pvp, different spec tho.

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