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Does WoW need more raid lockout alternatives? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2012 5:17PM I don't think daily raiding would improve the game experience. You do it once per week and look forward to being able to do it. For the challenge and/or to roll on the pieces you're after. More isn't necessarily better.

I imagine the LFR for all raids would be a god send for those that want to do older raids.

Aren't they doing some kind of scaled instance run next xpac? Hopefully they apply this to ALL raids as well and open up everything to the LFR. That way level 90's going into Sunwell can be scaled back to level 70, muuuhahahaha.

Big stakes and the end of an expansion {WoW}

Dec 28th 2011 4:51PM I like what your trying to say, but don't think the scale of the supposed impending doom adds that much to the game. As you say it's a seven year old "game", but really the game is only a year old (effectively WoW 2.0), while the style of the game has been streamlined over a seven year period.

We do some dungeons/raids that outline what is going on. Then we do them some more till a patch comes out, the world changes slightly and we do the new dungeons/raids to receive a bit more story content, then do them some more ... .

I haven't paid any attention to the lore (or even read any quest text) since about level 20 on my first ever toon. We continually move through the world, leaving area's and npc's we meet behind, well not the AH/bank guys, they are more important to me than any other npc in the game. I have been trained not to get attached to the npc's or locations in the world, unless they have portals in them.

If I felt some attachment to the world or the npc's in it I might pay attention to the stuff the npc's are saying, or what the raids are about. We've got void storage to hold onto those items we grew attached to and I guess some of the transmog people might be doing for it nostelga(sp?), so people are attached to stuff ... I guess.

If Deadwing was going to delete my bank and void storage, I would be seriously engaged by the story, hell I would be activating alt accounts.

Deadwing is just doing some stuff and I have to wait around on some of the fights for the dialog to end before the combat can begin. Then I just focus on the encounter mechanics to get it done. Some of them are fun the first few times, some are fun later on with under geared groups, it's definitely more entertaining that TV (for me personally anyway).

I have to admit I like the game like this though. I don't have to care about lore or the world. As long as I can get around the place I can do a few dungeons to gear up then raid.

The new raid finder is awesome: hit 85, pvp a bit, hit raid finder and vp cap on new dungeons for a few weeks and you're ready to raid. I don't even have to leave Dalaran except to spend tokens and reforge.

In terms of out with a bang, I personally hope it's more like "out with lesson's learned". The 4.0 raids felt more like I was playing a platform game in a raiding environment. It's like the devs were playing some kind of joke on us: jump through hoops for you loots. And all that interupting stuff, omg?

I liked this patch, it's more like: stack/spread, switch to the this target, move out of this and that, none of it seriously overdone. And there are a smattering of fights where the raid gets to make choices. Like the slime fight, which one are you going to kill? Or the last fight where you chose the order you're going to do the islands in. Sure they may degrade to this is the optimal order (I haven't seen them in hardmode), but I think that having a choice about how to overcome the encounter makes it more engaging and a raid strating level.

Breakfast Topic: Have WoW and your tabletop gaming influenced each other? {WoW}

Nov 26th 2011 8:13AM I didn't even read this, just a 5 second skim .. are you kidding? WoW is a video game, it's insulting to compare PnP games to WoW (except maybe from a maths/conflict resolution point of view).

An end to mailing heirlooms? {WoW}

Oct 6th 2011 6:09PM Haven't read comments, sorry if it's a repeat, but...

Seems more logical to have BoA's unlock and each character has their own soul bound example of it. Removes the ability to build up twink BoA sets with rare enchants and just mail them around.

They might even let the BoA gear have a scaling iLvl so we can put higher level enchants on it as we level.

Possibly they are forseeing a BoA/Transmog issue, with transmogs getting lost on mailing of items and the compaint threads that will generate.

Breakfast Topic: What game mechanic should be dumped? {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2011 5:04PM Leveling - that was EQ and WoW I. Cata (WoW II) should have dropped it. What they should have done was make the zone rewards, and I mean all the zones, give you permanent character development, probably resistances. That way to prepare for raiding, you'd go to the zones that drop the fire resist rewards and engage the story there, which should lead to developing fire resistance, which would lead to being "ready" for firelands.
That way, people who played platform games before WoW could skip all the zones and raid confident in their ability to move out of the fire, while those less able to dodge stuff would spend more time "developing" their character to the point where their fire resistance compensated for their sluggishness at moving/reacting. This would make it fell more like an RPG as well, as players would be able to "develop" there characters.
It would also make WoW a lot more appealing for PvP, you could create a character, grind the latest tier of starting gear and go.

Healing - the mechanic of turning mana bars into health means teams with really good healers are at a massive advantage. By good I mean both the player and FotM class combo's. It's an old (like really old) dilemna for both pvp and pve.

Quests - the idea of getting a quest to kill a million boars loses it's appeal half way through reading the quest text. It's is boaring.

Breakfast Topic: What skills would you like to see in WoW? {WoW}

Sep 18th 2011 7:57PM I've never been much of a fan of cooking, takeout is way better than my skills. I do partake in Ironing and Brushing Teeth, although I don't Floss.

It would be awesome to see Ironing and Teeth Brushing skills in WoW, especially as daily/weekly quests that are the only way to rank them. That way it would take many many months to get to maximum rank, extending the life of the skill.

Ironing could give and buffs to the shirt slot, like a minor flask effect. Brushing you teeth could increase the effectiveness of food by 25% or something. It would be awesome, especially for raiding, raid leaders would be able to make sure everyone has been brushing their teeth and ironing there clothes.

Just like cooking and fishing, it fits in with the heroic high fantasy setting of WoW.