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Apple ships latest version of Aperture for photo professionals {}

Feb 9th 2010 12:42PM Turns out the e-mail had added some =-signs here and there, for no apparent reason. Even in the clear version. Weird. Anyway, removing them made the URL valid.

Apple ships latest version of Aperture for photo professionals {}

Feb 9th 2010 12:37PM Managed to register for the trial on the second link (the first only giving me a blank box). Got the e-mail after a few minutes, and it was empty (did the "read original" trick, and there it all was). Copied and pasted BOTH links from the e-mail into my browser, and it either said it was an invalid URL or that the page couldn't be found (interestingly, the two URLs were actually different).

This isn't like Apple. They're usually better prepared than this. What the hell?

And we're off: Twin Cities get first DOCSIS 3.0 deployment {Engadget}

Apr 3rd 2008 8:59AM I don't mean to brag, but I get 100/100 mbit over fiber for SEK 225 (Googles says USD $37) here in my apartment in Sweden. Granted, I live outside our capital, but still. I really wish your ISPs would invest in better cabling through the states, to get your speeds up. Also, why the hell is it so expensive?

Fight on, bruthaz!

This could be the first video footage of Windows 7 {Engadget}

Jan 25th 2008 5:41PM This bickering is utterly pointless. Who cares if it's really Windows 7 or only a modified Vista? It doesn't show anything new anyway. Nothing. Who gives a flying monkey's bum whether it's real or not?

A lot of people are quite right, though. New Windows versions don't get their final look until late in their development cycle. I would actually have been MORE surprised if they'd put on a brand new skin already, before they even wrenched in all their new "features".

So, just chill the hell out and stick your head out of your windows (pun intended) for a while, get some fresh air.

Updating the graphics of WoW {WoW}

Nov 9th 2007 7:37PM I'd love for the expansion to add better graphics to the game. I like the style and everything, don't get me wrong. But playing WoW on an 8800GTS at 16080x1050 makes it look so... bland. It's still a great game, but you'd think that with all the money we're paying them each month, they could drop some of it on developing or upgrading the graphics to keep in sync with the rest of the gaming world.

Sometimes I actually find myself playing TF2 or HL2 instead of WoW just because it looks better. It's a breath of fresh air to play a game that actually challenges my gfx card.

Besides, I really don't think most players would even notice if the character faces were updated. They spend all their time BEHIND them anyway.

Sennheiser rolls out four new CX earbuds {Engadget}

Sep 15th 2007 7:11AM After having 5 pairs of Sony EX earphones in a year, I wasn't too sad when I switched to Sennheiser instead. My new CX300 lasted just about a year, which meant I just managed to snag me a new pair on warranty.

Sound quality is definitely better than Sony, and apparently structural quality as well.

I've said my goodbyes to Sony, and I haven't looked back since :)

Mempile's TeraDisc fits 1TB on a single optical disc {Engadget}

Aug 23rd 2007 11:32AM I'm pretty interested in the read/write speeds of these optical discs. What good is 1TB of storage, if it's only accessible with USB 1.1-like speeds?

How would you change Windows Vista? {Engadget}

Aug 19th 2007 7:08PM Oh, and I forgot one thing.

Stop with the goddamn backwards compatibility! You're making an awful mess out of something that could have been great, simply because you're too afraid to break a few people's systems. Change often requires sacrifice, and if I could have a great new OS instead of what is currently Vista simply by finding new software, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

How would you change Windows Vista? {Engadget}

Aug 19th 2007 6:31PM I'm now about to compare Windows Vista to World of Warcraft. Hold on tight :)

Ever since World of Warcraft was released, it's been getting hundreds of patches, most of which introduced exciting, new features and fixed bugs people were actually complaining about. Blizzard simply never stopped working on WoW, and it's been growing in complexity and feature richness ever since its release. This is the exact opposite of Windows Vista.

Microsoft needs to start listening to the community. By that, I don't mean 90% of the user base, but rather the 10% or so that are inventive and creative enough to add to the Windows features themselves. They see a hole, and they plug it. Where a feature is missing, they provide it. And when the next Windows is being planned, what does Microsoft do? Do they look around to see what features other people miss so much they implement themselves? Do they fix the parts people have stopped using after finding they barely work? No. They just make Windows bigger and slower, without actually adding ANYTHING of value. They don't evolve, they simply keep existing.

Blizzard saw that every single guild in WoW used Ventrilo or Teamspeak to communicate, so they took the hint and implemented it right into the game. They noticed how popular the character-section of several WoW-sites were getting, and they introduced the armory. People have been using StyleXP or Windowblinds to change the appearance of Windows for decades, but did Microsoft ever consider implementing an easy way to change skins? Yes, actually they did, but they also went to great lengths to make sure no one could ever actually USE that feature. There's no way to change your Windows appearance without hacking key files and libraries, making it a task so daunting practically no one ever bothers, leaving it to third party vendors to sell their solutions at a profit.

Microsoft needs to embrace change, embrace innovation, make Windows into a product that doesn't just simply live, but actually evolves and grows. MacOS X and Linux have gotten to where they are because they grow, adapt and change, all to make the user feel like they have an OS that actually does what they want.

The only "Wow!" I get out of Windows Vista is "Wow, I can't believe people are falling for this crap!".

Meredith Vieira stumped by complicated iPhone {Engadget}

Jun 29th 2007 4:37PM I am NOT an apple fanboy, and I didn't even really believe they were the absolute first to invent an all touch-screen phone. I got carried away, and I'm sorry. Yet, no one adressed my main point, you all just focus on one, single mistake in the first sentence. Seriously, get past yourselves. You're commenting in an iPhone-thread, you're just as much fanboys as I am :)

And their "US" is built from BSD, not Linux ;)