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Lichborne: Cataclysm PVP basics for death knights {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 12:52AM Sorry I don't want to be negative but you should pretty much disregard all of your current PVP knowledge about death knights.

To be more constructive frost is it, drop rime, annihilation, hand of doom and blade barrier (maybe, I don't use blade barrier) and don't ever use obliterate. Spend the extra points on virulence and desecration.

Priority spells should be diseases of course.

DPS classes with high self healing howling blast the hell out of them and spend your unholy runes on necrotic strike, frost strike whenever you have a killing machine proc or when your runes are down.

DPS classes with little to no self healing just HB, NS and FS when you get KM procs.

Healers stack your NS debuff correctly by making sure you always spam at least three in a row and keep it on them, in order to dump NS as often as possible you want to proc extra runes back to back by spamming FS until you get 2 UH runes and 2 death runes.

Always use a 2H don't ever PVP with DW it is too dependent on OB damage and the DPS on NS goes way down because threat of thassarian doesn't include NS.

By focusing on mastery, running in UH pres and not relying on OB for DPS or RP you avoid problems that you mentioned like not being able to close gaps because you have a pretty awesome ranged DPS source with HB. Once you do close the gap you have over 100 RP to dump and you'll probably be able to start your HB rotation all over again.

Don't ever, ever think you will get the burst you need by bouncing to frost pres, I gotta say that was a pretty unacceptable suggestion.

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