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Ready Check: Looking into roll-based loot systems {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 8:24PM Here's another loot allocation system:

Using this sytem, players bid gold for loot that comes up. All gold accumulated by winning bids is pooled, then divided among the raiders at the end of the raid.

Does this mean that 'rich' raiders can just buy all of the loot, leaving poorer players with nothing? Yes and no. Let's say MoneyBagz, the rich character, walks away with 5 nice pieces of gear by bidding ... oh, lets say 15k each. That's 75k gold distributed to the raid, with each raider getting a 7.5k gold share. That gold can be spent to get BoEs from the AH, or saved up for a bid in the next raid. The items that nobody bids on get disenchanted. It would probably work best to require a minimum bid, possibly related to disenchant values, to prevent people from loading up on stuff 'for free' by bidding 1gp.

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