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15 Minutes of Fame: Progressive guild thrives under uncommon leadership team {WoW}

Oct 1st 2011 2:11AM @Invierna

What didn't dkosmama mention this sort of thing in the interview then? Why did she not place more emphasis on how tight and personable this guild seems to be?

This interview does not showcase a lot of good things about the guild. Really, what has been said in the interview has placed a big, ugly spotlight on the things that aren't even really all that important to the guild, from what I gather from the comments. And some of the people that I believe to be from Wreck List that commented here don't seem to be really improving my opinion of the guild. Even your comment here seems a little snarky.

It's wonderful that Wreck List has enough people that care so much about the community to help people keep their homes. But this interview has been a PR disaster in my opinion.

15 Minutes of Fame: Progressive guild thrives under uncommon leadership team {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 4:09AM I want to state first of all that I find your attitude very poor. Instead of inviting me to come to your website and participate in your community to learn more, you reinforce this notion of rejection that I've gotten from the interview.

With that said, I find this interview terrible. As another commented stated, it sounds a lot like dkosmama has taken this opportunity to broadcast her political views instead of emphasizing the great things about the guild, the community within it, and the unique features about it. It's fine to be a liberal based guild with tons of people that have a lot in common, but when it's openly stated that certain topics, views, and opinions are basically not allowed, it really put me off.

You've basically condemned everyone that doesn't instantly like Wreck List. I wouldn't call that inclusive.

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