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Cam Newton 'Is the Difference' for Auburn, Georgia Coach Mark Richt Declares {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Nov 16th 2010 5:58PM Why, exactly, is an Auburn sports-beat writer offering commentary about a team he does not cover??? Did you even bother to do any research, or is this just a knee-jerk reaction? Bottom line, you're really off base: Richt is not in any trouble. Despite the W/L record, the statistics show an improvement on total defense, penalties, turnover margin, etc. etc. from last year, and it's only a matter of time until those improvements translate into wins. Those are the kind of things that AD McGarrity and President Adams will look at, not the lunatic fringe message board posters who spend all their free time spewing hate on the Internet. The off-the-field incidents are the only thing that garners concern, and I'm sure Richt will work very hard to tighten that up, but the man will be given at least two years to right the ship.

Virtual WoW pet sells out [update: the Monk is back!] {Joystiq}

Nov 11th 2009 5:29PM AHEM:
"Half of the purchase price of every Pandaren Monk sold through December 31, 2009 will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation"

So... hate to break it to the Tin-Foil Hat brigade, but it wasn't due to Blizzard being greedy, unless they didn't "restock" until after Jan 1-- but they did. It was most likely due to a temporary logistics problem. (My bet, the sheer number of DBs involved means the key codes can't be generated on the fly, and they ran out of pregenerated ones.)

Get a life, haters.

Authenticator fails, removed from account without user's permission {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 11:28AM I think everyone is overlooking one very important aspect of this situation: This hack required a very large investment of time and effort on the part of the hacker. Why, exactly, would an asian gold-farming operation invest the time and effort in calling Blizzard Customer Service and getting an authenticator removed? Why wouldn't they just skip that name on the list that their keylogger harvested? Was she bragging in the trade channels about how she had ten thousand gold or something? If not, I'm not buying that the proceeds from her gear would net enough money for hackers to expend the time and effort they did to get into her account.
Sorry Mr. "GM of the guild of the woman who this happened to is a member of", she may live alone with a bunch of cats, but apply Occam's Razor to simple investigative procedure: since the effort/benefit ratio was out of whack in regards to in-game gold, it is reasonable to conclude that there was a motivation at work beyond simple profit motive, and it was probably personal. And with the motive most likely being personal, this was probably perpetrated by someone she knew and who had fairly easy access to the required information.
If people want to blame 'big, bad Blizzard', then blame them for having requirements to remove the authenticator that are too weak. Either they aren't detailed enough, or a customer service rep can override them too easily, but aside from that, I think it's pretty clear that responsibility for this can be laid at the feet of the account holder, as usual.
(Oh, and crackpot theories about Blizzard's databases being hacked don't count. Trust me on this: if hackers got into Blizzard's DBs, they wouldn't be harvesting gold from players, they'd be using their credit cards and engaging in wide-spread credit card fraud.)

Breakfast Topic: Easiest class {WoW}

Nov 26th 2006 1:02PM I think you need to define 'Easy' in order to have this debate. Easy = quick to level solo? Easy = least complicated to play? Easy = getting to do/see everything?

I've leveled one character of every class to 60 (except for a pally-- at least until tBC), and I can say that my priest was the easiest to get to 60 and probably the easiest to play overall. It doesn't take much to learn when to cast what spells, and you can always find a group (at least on my server). The Rogue is probably the least complicated. PvP aside, the Mage was probably the easiest to solo with.