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Mirror's Edge 2 isn't not a possibility more than ever {Joystiq}

Oct 8th 2011 2:31PM If a Mirror's Edge 2 ever comes out, it's going to suck.

The original was too niche. Mirror's Edge 2 is going mainstream. It's going to star a sexy female assassin. There's going to be "intense melee combat" and "bloody sniper kills". There are going to be "lethal stealth takedowns". Occasionally the player character will jump across a rooftop or climb across a pipe, to remind everyone of the original game.

Ready Check: Handling raid drama {WoW}

Oct 7th 2011 6:28PM Here's an alternative to reading tons of advice posts on the internet to figure out how to run your raids: Run a serious guild with zero tolerance for bads.

Friendship has no place in WoW if you have a good social life outside of the game. Find good players, make it understood that too many mistakes get you kicked, and proceed to dominate the endgame. If people want to make friends with their guildmates, they need to do it on their own time and not the guild's. And if any of those relationships interfere in any way with raiding, everyone involved should be kicked and quickly replaced so progress can continue.

Time is precious and WoW is a video game like any other. No one would tolerate having to idle for an hour in Fallout: New Vegas or Mass Effect, waiting for two NPCs to finish settling their personal drama so they could finally carry on with the game. I don't see why WoW needs to be the exception. Bring the player, not the beautiful little social snowflake.

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