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Officers' Quarters: Patch 4.3 -- An officer's perspective {WoW}

Oct 10th 2011 7:37PM I agree. I put everything in the guild bank. I have farmed for days on end to keep it stocked. I put soo much work into this guild and keeping it's rep. I would hate to go try swtor and come back to find that all my hard work was lost to a random scavenger. Who just picked it dry and booted everyone anyways. I know alot of people in our guild are only there for the perks they say so themselves. I find alot of stuff that are taken out of the guild bank are on AH. So I know people are just using it to make more guild. I can only imagine what would happen if my officers and I went to try the new swtor for a while. Better that I boot everyone and keep the guild that I build from scratch.

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