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Gold Capped: Mobile Auction House functionality updated {WoW}

Oct 31st 2011 3:47PM Automatic price undercutting is just plain stupid, all you need is for two players to set their AH to the automatic undercutting setting on the same item, it will automatically undercut until the item is at 1 copper an basically free. Mathematically they have to put a limit on it or literally it will carry every item to basically free at one copper, either limiting how far before it will not respond or limiting when the undercut is applied like say having it only applied every hour or so.

Breakfast Topic: What class would you bring to WoW? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 9:11AM Caged Elementiums - each toon would start as whatever race this class was given too being some sort of shamanish/scientist working to control elementals, at some point something goes horribly wrong an they get turned into Elementiums having their souls weaved together with a certain element, presumably this would happen around lvl 10 to match the other classes getting their main abilities.

Tanking would be BoulderStorm - which would represent itself as some sort of rock elemental

DPS could either be Inferno or LightningStorm or both - Fire or Lightning elemental, one could be melee dps the other ranged

Heals would be Tsunami or something like that - and of course Water elemental

Tanking would rely on an extraordinary amount of dodge and reduced magical damage, while having no block or parry. It could have an AOE ability of Sandstorm that would swirl around a local area grabbing threat. It could have two damage reduction abilities of Disperse which would increase dodge by 100% for 5 sec, and Condense which would reduce all incoming damage by 70% but during which you would lose 60% of your dodge rating.

Heals could call upon water 3 water spouts to swirl around the room healing any friendly target withing 5-10 yards or so. Could cast water bubble on targets taking extreme amounts of damage, reducing their damage by a percentage and increasing healing on them.

Range DPS could be Lightning elementals, which an ability to cast Balled Lightning which would roll a massive ball of Lighting towards a target blasting them upon impact as well as any other enemies within 5 yards. Could call upon the god of Thunder as a 5min CD to blast enemies with a trident or chain lightning or something.

Melee DPS could be fire elementals, blasting their enemies with fire damage from their fists, while having an ability called Volcanic Eruption which would open up a spout on the ground spewing lava on all enemies within 10-15 yards.

Anyways, names could be changed for whatever purpose but I think this would be awesome!

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