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Gold Capped: Warcraft needs a new gold sink, and it needs it yesterday {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 11:20PM I have 5 85's. Two wear plate, have the 353 helms, and have little
chance of getting better since I don't raid with them, so I was really
hoping to get the Halloween helm. Of course, it dropped only on my
NON-plate wearing main and alts, so I ended up vendoring 3 of them,
which really, really sucked.

That got me thinking: suppose Blizz charged, say, 5k to transfer an
unworn BOP item to another toon on the same account. The charge would
be levied at the mailbox: "Mailing this item will cost 5,000 gold.
Are you sure? Accept/Cancel"

I think it would suck a ton of gold out of the economy. It would also
encourage people to roll tanks, in two different ways: it would make
it easier to use your main to help gear your tank, and it would give
people an incentive to run dungeons/raids on well-geared tanks to get
gear for their alts.

Right now, one of the biggest reasons that tanks and healers are less
popular is that it is so obvious when an undergeared tank or healer
cripples the party or raid. No one wants to be that awful noob tank,
so people never get past that point. Letting their better geared
toons get them over that hump would help a lot.

Then, once a tank is well geared, there's currently little incentive
to keep running 5-mans or lesser 10-mans, so tanks stop doing it. The
little bribe bag Blizz offers isn't close to enough (and only applies
to random PUGs). But for people who are serious altoholics, letting
them farm a desperately needed BOP item and then transfer it - for a
big fee - would be just the incentive to keep them dungeoning and
raiding on their tanks.

Of course, being able to transfer valued BOPs would be an incentive
for people to keep farming instances on non-tanks as well as tanks,
which is fine. It all sucks money out of the economy and combats
inflation. But "transfer farming" on a tank would be much more
efficient because of the near-zero wait times.

In the long run, this would also cause many altoholics to choose a
tanking class as the first or second toon they level up to the max in
the next expansion, helping solve two chronic problems at once.

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