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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Beware of Darkmoon Rabbits {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 9:03PM Actually that's not a bad guess; this item is in the beta files:

It's BoP and has the heirloom color, so it's probably just another one of those artifacts that we'll never actually see ( Still, it would be pretty cool.

The Queue: Suffer for fashion {WoW}

Mar 31st 2012 11:01PM There is no Level 85 Realm First achievement for Worgens or Goblins, or for any race for that matter; the only first-to-85 achievements are for classes. I'd guess that MoP will probably be use the same system.

(Note that Wowhead ignores the '85' in the search, so just scroll down past the 80s.)

Ask your Scroll of Resurrection questions {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 8:06PM I was wondering something similar. My friend took the resurrection a few days ago. If he waits to come back until a little over a month from now (the beginning of May, when he's less busy with life), do I still get the mount?

Another Mists daily screenshot appears on WoW community site {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 7:23PM It's not a hint against new player models at all. Blizzard has always used old skeletons for new NPC models (including many of the new models in the Firelands). Heck, before Cataclysm there were even some mobs running around with pre-release player models ( [click View in 3D]).

Even if they are creating brand new skeletons for players (and Tfish pointed out why they don't have to), the new mobs don't really need them, but they do need to be ready to roll out for beta in the near future.

Leeroy Jenkins appears on The Daily Show {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 3:29PM I recall running into a similar problem a few years ago when I wanted to watch BBC content from the U.S. I belive a proxy server was the answer.

Try Googling "watch Hulu from outside the U.S." It should give you some options for disguising your IP. (Hulu is more popular than just the Daily Show so you should get more results, but most should be applicable.) Just be careful about what you do on any of the websites that come up.

The Queue: Let us cling together {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2012 1:23PM Just about everyone who would resub (especially those who would be reading this) already has characters at 85, or maybe level 80, and certainly above level 60, so they wouldn't need this button to get up to speed.

Besisdes, it's not like it takes all that long to level to 60 these days and there are quite a number of different (revamped and smooth) paths to get there if you dislike or get bored with a particular zone.

The Queue: The Age of Fire and Gravel {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 12:13PM There used to be a site,, that told you how long until your server's next Wintergrasp battle and who currently controlled it, along with interesting statistics like win/loss records (I used them to find a balanced population server). I'm not sure if they used they API to get their information or had logged-in characters report the information to the website, but I suspect the latter since they were a unique site and I haven't seen a replacement pop up for Tol Barad.

The site has since been shut down (for obvious reasons), but it sure was useful when I was going for the 100-win achievement.

The Queue: Blame Alex {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 2:22PM It was just this last patch. She's in two of the new instances and she was long overdue for a new model.

The Queue: I would not hire Tails {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 11:42AM Also, be sure to remember the exact answer to your security question or take your game key you got when you bought the game along.

When I visited my parents over Christmas, I was locked out from my account despite having logged in from there before. It asked me for the answer to my security question (Where were you born?) and I couldn't remember if I'd entered the name of the town the hospital was in or the name of the town where I lived when I was born, whether I included the state (and whether that was spelled out or abbreviated), whether I included a comma, etc. The other option was to enter my game key, which, of courese, I didn't bring along. Eventually I guessed the answer to the security question through trial and error.

The Queue: I would not hire Tails {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 11:26AM Dwarves for sure. That was the last one I needed and I spent several days looking for one in battlegrounds (I had a macro to determine gender) before a kind alliance player parked herself in front of the Sunreaver's Sanctuary for a few hours. On the Horde side, I don't see many female trolls, but I've never actively looked for them.

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