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How to write a roleplaying description that pops {WoW}

Jan 28th 2012 2:34PM People who change established lore.


Worgen with tails.


Half vampire, half worgen, half elf, half demon, half heavy weapons guy.


My list is complete.

5 creepy Outland locations for roleplaying evil misdeeds {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2012 2:14PM Indeed. Hellfire Peninsula was supposed to be an endgame, level 58-60 zone in classic WoW that continued the steps of Warcraft 3 (Kael'thas, Illidan and Vashj invading it). To reach it, you most likely had to walk through the Dark Portal.

It's a very cool zone and had a very similar skybox to the current one in Hellfire (except it was of less quality than now -it was a crimson skyline with a red sun and above it a green, misty line that went across the skyline; you can see this in WoW Model Viewer), and it wasn't floating in the nether, it had water! Like the old Draenor before it got shattered.

In fact, the Pools of Aggonar that you can see in the video originated in this old Outland, and then took it for the new Hellfire in the Burning Crusade. Sadly, since it was in the middle of development, you can't see any Hellfire Citadel or anything; it's just bland red terrain where it's stupposed to be.

The zone resembled the Warcraft 3 Hellfire Peninsula much more than now, it was more red with crimson fog in the sky, less dark, the floating rocks actually had the same models used in Warcraft 3. The draenic huts you see, for example, in Nagrand or Zangarmarsh, were used here too. There were a few doodads like black rocks with red stripes going upward that thrust up from the ground that can be seen in concept art for Hellfire.

The blade throwers for orcs and the huge tanks with tires and cannons for humans were there too since the beginning! These models, therefore, date from 2002-2003, and were reused when they decided to scrap this old Hellfire for bigger plans -The Burning Crusade!-

In short, it resembled the Warcraft 3 outland a lot more than now. And there were no signs of Illidan or Kael in there, it was all the Alliance Expedition remains (what would now be Honor Hold) and an orcish outpost that, in my opinion, looked more demonic than the Thrallmar of today.

Lichborne: A BlizzCon death knight wishlist {WoW}

Oct 18th 2011 2:05PM Also... I WOULD LOVE UNHOLY BLIGHT BACK!

Corpse Explosion, even if it wasn't that useful, was a fun ability that should have been kept. Flavor abilities should never be removed. Imagine if Path of Frost, Levitate and Far Sight were removed... :(

Shadow of Death bringing you back as a ghoul would have been an awesome ability to have back. Disable it in arenas and done. Awesome thing.

Mark of Blood was fun too...

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