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7 wishes for guilds in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 5:02PM My wife and I were members of a small raiding guild which at the end of Wrath. Unfortunately the guild suffered a great deal of attrition when Cata arrived. People left for other guilds or for other games, and new people came in. After a couple of months we (my wife and I) realised that the median age of the guild had dropped by about 10 years and we just weren't relating well to the new people.

We discussed it and came to the conclusion that we'd experienced ups and downs of raiding and didn't really feel the need to raid in Cata, so we wished everyone well and moved our mains and active alts to our 2 man bank/alt guild. The idea was (and still is) that we're focussing on doing things together without the need for other people ... even to the extent of not bothering with 5 mans any more.

Now my wife is having a blast playing the AH and helping me as I enjoy pursuing Achievements. We are both enjoying non-rated PVP, grinding various reps, etc.

But here's the thing - most of what we are enjoying returns very little guild rep. Because we'd already levelled our most active toons to 85 in our former guild, and then lost that rep when we left ... those toons are STILL not exalted. If we want to get them exalted with the guild we have to do things like dailies (eg the Molten Front) which takes time away from the other things we'd like to be doing.

So my wish list is a single item: I don't know how they could do it, but it'd be nice if Blizz could find a way to recognize that active players in small (or very small :D ) guilds who are grinding old reps, or clearing old content they never got to see, are still active members of their guild and contributing to that guild.

Mists of Pandaria: The myth of the talent tree choice {WoW}

Nov 1st 2011 3:28AM I have to disagree with both Caylynn and Chairman Kaga in this:

As a former raid-tank (gave it up because PvE just got too repetitious for me) I was nowhere near the sharp end - my guild were certainly not working on world or realm firsts ... we were months behind all that and just trying to clear the content.

BUT ... I read every relevant post on tankadin (strats, talents, glyphs, gearing, 'rotation', and the theorycrafting behind it all) so as to ensure that I could do my job so that we could progress. AND as Bliz made changes I tweaked my build in response to what the theorycrafters reported.

It may be that not every tank does that - but I've always believed that every successful tank did - because it's the only way to clear content that you don't outgear.

As I said, I'm not doing PvE anymore ... but I can't imagine that tanks don't do the same now that I did then - even the ones who aren't at the cutting edge.

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