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New mounts, loot coming in Crown of the Heavens trading card expansion {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 8:03PM I'll tell you one thing, people at my local hobby shop don't even play the online game. Yeah, they enjoy the card game so much even though they don't have a clue about what's going on the game and they could care less about the loot cards (apart from the fact that the mounts worth over 100$).

They love the social aspect, they love the competitiveness of the game and they even love it's lore and when I'm around, dropping the lore-knowledge bomb to them, they are very eager to listen to me. But no, almost none of them plays the online game.

Is this a Game Master in the Armory? {WoW}

Jan 16th 2012 6:43PM Back in TBC I was with my current main, my shaman, in a Steamvaults heroic group. I had made a ticket about some issue I can't quite recall now and I was talking with the GM as the run went on. Then out of nowhere, while our healer was gaining mana before a boss, a night elf, wearing these clothes appeared, floating. He started saying how he was here to help me with an issue. Of course, our group was excited and I thought "Cool! This will make some kickass screenshots". And then, if things couldn't get more awesome, the GM says "Don't speak loudly but I think I may have been followed here". Suddenly, out of nowhere, infernals started raining from above our heads but when they hitted the ground, no infernal came. The mob that the animation spawned were some El Pollo Grande! The GM shouts "We are under attack!" and starts attacking the chickens. Of course, they were only level 50 so we dealt with them pretty quickly. I couldn't believe what had happened! Afterwards, the GM thanked us for helping him and wished best of luck on the rest of Steamvaults. Truly an epic encounter with a GM :)

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