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Breakfast Topic: Why do you love your spec? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2012 6:16PM Not sure how to do an edit since I rarely post here, but I should have mentioned Blood as a DPS spec. I still play it was a PvP spec though, reliving my murderous death machine days on unsuspecting Alliance enemies :)

Breakfast Topic: Why do you love your spec? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2012 10:12AM On launch night if Wrath, I rolled my Death Knight to level as a PvP alt. I tried all of the specs but ultimately dell in love with the Blood tree. Unholy felt like I was playing a Hunter that had to stay in melee range and Frost just didn't have that wow factor for some reason. When I finally tried Blood, I was instantly hooked, and I stayed with it from the first week of the expansion all the way until patch 4.0 brought about it's demise. I felt like a total badass. Nothing could stop me as I pulled 7+ enemies at a time and never breaking a sweat slicing them down to bloody stumps.

Still holding out hope Blizzard decides to give it back to us as a 4th spec.

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