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Officers' Quarters: The plight of 25-man raiding guilds {WoW}

Jan 30th 2012 2:05PM Nonsense.

The top guilds are mostly 25 man because 10 is widely viewed as a joke.

Also forget you dps calculations. Boss HP actually takes this 5/17 ratio into consideration. Hence why most 10 mans run 6/7 or 8 DPS depending on the fight. Essentially giving them a 20% -> 60% extra dps.

Ready Check: Looking into the future of raiding {WoW}

Oct 29th 2011 4:48AM You forgot one thing that was hinted at in the Talent Panel, and confirmed in the online Q&A.

The number of Buffs/debuffs are heading for another cull. They've confirmed some tanking ones are going (Demo Shout/Roar) as the name is being reused. Expect to see more go (resistance auras, Bleed damage, 3% damage).

What this means is that the difference between 10 and 25 man will close, as 10's will no longer be undertuned to account for a bad raid comp.

Also the new talents tend to give each class variations of Stun, Fear, Slow and Interrupt. Again, help with balancing the two.

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