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Officers' Quarters: Walking away {WoW}

Nov 1st 2011 7:43AM So in a game made up of persons you chatted with on vent you come to the conclusion that there dream and your dream are of more import than real life? Hello! It is a imaginary came that only has a connection in life with the actual time you spend playing it. Other than that is absolutely and utterly meaningless - unless of course you somehow make money on it - Swifty -or it is your only entertainment = L00zer.

What you must regret subconsciously is that you invested time and stress into making a completely random grouping of persons playing an utterly futile game, some sort of leadership goal. If you are regretting your time and stress put into a game that is supposed to be a casual diversion - than yes you have fooled yourself and wasted long hours on nothing. Learn from your mistakes and try to find some lawful bliss sleeping with your soon to be husband - and try not to scream out, "Timewarp! Timewarp!" when he is warping you in the final phase.

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