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Breakfast Topic: Spill your 5-man PUG stories here {WoW}

Jan 26th 2012 2:03PM Guild runs... This reminds me of a Deadmines run I had a while back with 3 guildies and a random healer when I was on my hunter. I had been doing TB dailies so I had my tanking pet out and when I zoned in one of the other dps immediately says "Oh great, huntard has a beetle!" to which his lackey says exactly what I was thinking: "Oh this is gonna be a fun run..."

I change pets to an appropriate one (because I know what I'm doing) and when we get to the first boss I realize these guys are good compared to most PUGs I'm in. (Somehow it's more annoying to me when good players are a-holes compared to when bad players are, but maybe that's just me). I end up beating them on the dps meters but just barely, something like 23k to 22k, but this was at a time when most people were doing like 10k in dungeons. No one says anything.

On the way to the next boss though, tank starts pulling everything, while I'm expecting to have to cc and I end up doing less dps which enrages Mr. Huntard Beetle-guy. We get to Helix and RNG ensures that I get grabbed and chest-bombed every time and so I do like 16k versus their 20k. "WTF HUNTARD LTP NOOB"

There are a couple of pauses between Helix and Foe Reaper which I'm sure is them trying to kick me, but this is just after the change which didn't allow guild groups to kick without help from another random. I try to whisper the healer to ask if they're trying to kick me but whoops, there goes the tank again so I don't get a chance. On Foe Reaper I'm doing fine but Butthead starts yelling again "OMG GET AWAY FROM ME HUNTARD" to which Beavis replies "Heh heh, maybe his Beetle told him to". I have no idea what he was talking about as I was just running away from Foe Reaper as you're supposed to. After we get the Reaper down (me on top of the meters again) I say "Look I obviously know what I'm doing" to which he immediately replies "YEAH TRYING TO GET ME KILLED". Another pause where (I assume) they are trying to kick me and on to the next boss. At this point I just assume he is trolling on purpose, but I have no idea what the point is as even if there was some secret mechanic I was unaware of on these bosses, there is no way I could be worse than 95% of the other PUGs out there.

More abuse, more abuse, more abuse. We kill Deathsnarl, and then on Cookie I top the meters again and he yells "YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR [sic] DOING". I just ignore it and we finally get to Vanessa during which the idiot is yelling at me constantly. We kill her and I say sarcastically "wow, thanks for the great run" to which moron yells, and I kid you not, "PENIS!" and then drops group.

I throw him on ignore and then leave the instance. I probably should have reported this tool, but didn't think of it. Just content to know I'll never have to group with this idiot again.

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 6:19PM As (cutaia) said, open a ticket. I had a similar thing happen where 4 (yep!) of the agility polearms dropped on deathwing. I rolled need on one and then the cinematic started. I was promptly dc'd and when I logged back on I rolled need for the other 3 and watched 3 other people win. I checked the jaw/corpse of deathwing and there was still a polearm on it but I couldn't loot it. I opened a ticket saying I wasn't even sure if I won, but if I did I would like the weapon please. GM responded in about 5 minutes saying "yep, you won... We'll send you the polearm in the mail"


The Queue: Thud Butt {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2011 1:48PM Dwayne was the one who said "Hey hey hey", not Re-run.

I can't believe this is the comment that made me finally register.

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