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Breakfast Topic: How and why did you leave your previous guild? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2012 3:34PM My first guild I /gquit because the GM was a total control freak and bully. I watched him gkick his own son out of the guild because he thought his son was going to transfer servers.

The second guild I wound up disbanding. What started as a very good group of friends working together wound up disintegrating because of either burnout or RL issues. As GM, it became obvious we were only in the guild because of the perks of being a level 25 guild. No one spoke to each other in gchat or vent, raids were not happening, it became a joke.

I was so wiped out by the ordeal, I took a few weeks off and wound up rolling a toon on a different server and have never looked back.

Breakfast Topic: Have you ever won the Fishing Tournament? {WoW}

Jan 21st 2012 4:51PM I participated today and caught a Blacktip shark and as soon as I pressed the button to hearth to Dal, a winner was announced! Blizzard is such a tease....

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