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Bad news for new Mage arena gear {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 5:21PM I think it's amaizing that so many of you have such bad things to say about Blizzard and how horrible of a job they're doing at what they do. keeping in mind they have made many of the worlds most successful and entertaining PC games ever. what you may want to take into consideration is that:

A) this is a game. if you can't enjoy it as a game and you need to rant and rave like children over something so stupid then maybe you should join a rehab group and get off the war crack.

B) if blizzard is doing such a "shitty job" and their staff are all "brainless monkeys" then why don't u stop giving your support (stop playing) since it makes you so angry and wow is such bad quality of a game.

C) if you think you know everything... then why don't you go get a degree like all of the "stupid" blizzard employees have and do a better job? (not saying you don't have an education or a job) but stop telling them how to do theirs...

all in all... yes... there are always going to be people like all of you complainers out there who don't know how to express themselves in any other way than to bash blizzard... so enjoy, and at the end of your lives i hope that you still feel that wow was important enough to you to take all the time to nit pick it apart the way you do now.


Wii problems and solutions {Joystiq Nintendo}

Nov 27th 2006 7:24AM I THINK I HAVE ONE TO TOP IT ALL!!!

I got my wii, came home and set it up in my living room. pressed the A button to go to the language select screen and that was fine. once i got to that screen i couldn't do anything, there was no cursor on the screen for me to move to select anything... i have a new one being shipped to me but last night i finaly took my broken wii upstairs to my room to give it a second try and it was the same thing... so i flung the wiimote around to see what would happen and i saw something flicker. i then slowly moved the wiimote in all dirrections to find that it works, just not the way it's supposed to... for some reason it will only work at about a 145 degree angle and aimed up to the left of the sensor bar. i tried moving the sensor bar so that the tv would be the central spot so i could play... then i noticed that it was the lamp near me... for some reason if the lamp next to me isn't on, i have no signle, it's one of those lamps that have 5 different shades at the top all on twisty arms and it's made of metal. so i can play my wii only if that's on and i'm using it as a sensor bar and not the actual sensor bar... anyone have a clue what's going on? i don't!! please... let me know if you can think of anything because i have a feeling that my new wii isn't going to fix this problem... i think that Nintendo didn't test their product very well before launch.