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Samsung Moment unboxed! {Engadget}

Oct 21st 2009 2:00PM Do you realize the Hero has a 5.0MP camera?

Forum post of the Day: E-Sportsmanship {WoW}

Jun 10th 2008 6:18AM Go Wings!

Forum Post of the Day: Wrath release dates {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 9:43AM The expansion is already being tested outside of Blizzard (even if it is just "friends and family" of Blizzard employees). It is time to start questioning Blizzards competence if we have more than six months still to wait.

Omen in Patch 2.4: Even bigger, even better {WoW}

Mar 4th 2008 3:59PM Feign Death being accounted for accurately probably has a lot to do with whether or not the new combat log shows resists (I haven't checked the patch notes recently).

Any errors that you had with feign death were probably because of multiple same-name targets and one of them resisting it.

2.4 patch notes up {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:33PM Nope. That is a Wrath of the Lich King-planned feature.

Woot sells PS3 by promoting Wii {Joystiq}

Dec 22nd 2006 2:24PM @6: Theres 80.. count again.

I don't see why everyone is bashing on Nintendo for not following the trend of "top of the line" graphics.

I personally don't give a shit about graphics. If the game is FUN I will play it. If the graphics are great? Thats a bonus. I don't WANT 90 million teraflops per second. I want a game that I will ENJOY. I don't want processor speeds of An Xbox 360 and PS2 put together. I want a game that I will ENJOY.

People have obviously become numb to what a game is. It is something to have FUN. You do not NEED top of the line graphics to be fun. Perhaps Microsoft and Sony can't make fun games...? As much as that is probably not true.. why is everyone focusing on GRAPHICS? Focus more on the GAME PLAY AND MAKING GAMES FUN.

(I apologize if this post doesn't make an sense ;D)

BBB rates Toys 'R' Us "unsatisfactory" amidst reports of Wii bundling shenanigans {Joystiq}

Dec 1st 2006 6:18PM You think this is bad? I was up at TRU last week, a week after the Wii launched. They had a stack of 5 or so Wii's behind the counter in clear visibility.

"Have any Wii's?" -> "Nope."

Don't get me wrong, they could have been for people who preordered, but for crying out loud, its a WEEK after launch! These people have not had the time or ability to come pick it up? What about me? I had the time to drive up there, and the money to buy one, but I couldn't because some people did not come pick theirs up??


Today's hottest game video: Wii browser shop "hack" {Joystiq}

Nov 27th 2006 8:55AM Not sure if you realize this or not, but this "half-baked" browser is not meant to browse google or dig. It is meant to browse Nintendo's shop, and only Nintendo's shop.

It is completely pointless to compare it, and degrade it when it has poor performance outside of it's designed area.