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Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about Mists of Pandaria spoilers? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 10:32AM I look at it like this if you want to avoid spoilers then avoid them. For example when the first transformers movies came out I read just about everything and when the movie came out very few things were a surprise, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. With the later titles I barely look at any info on it and I'm surprised left and right which is also nice but I made the effort.

If you're constantly on WoWinsider or WoWHead you have no valid reason to bitch about spoilers. Some people want to know certain information to help justify cost, like someone watching a movie trailer to see if the movie is something that will interest them or getting as much info about MoP to see if its worth buying the box and resubscribing to WoW.

Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about Mists of Pandaria spoilers? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 8:19AM I don't think the things have been revealed is all that big of a deal. Knowing Garrosh is the final boss of the expansion isn't any different then knowing Deathwing or Arthas was the final boss.

Knowing that Theramore is being destroyed in 5.0 is like finding out there is going to be a shattering in 4.0.

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