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This should have been built into the iPhone: RedMonkey custom dialer {}

Apr 24th 2009 9:09AM Wow Mel, Really? Did you not scan the AppStore for single person dialers after you saw this one? As said above, there are hundreds if not thousands of these annoying little wastes of icon space apps out there.

In fact, one developer has an app for each of about 35 popular names so that you could, in fact, know who each icon will call. Others have "friend", "wife", "office", etc...

Are you guys really that hard up for stories that this is the best you can offer us?

Baby Shaker further exposes App Store flaws {}

Apr 23rd 2009 10:50AM Guys, Apple is ultimately responsible for all the apps in the AppStore. Just like Nintendo is ultimately responsible for the games on it's platforms. What I mean by this is that if Apple allowed an app that would, in time, cause people to switch away from the iPhone to another device because of an application that offends them and others, then not allowing the app to be in the AppStore is a way to fix this.

This is why there are no "Adult Only" or "XXX" titles in the AppStore. Remember, anyone can own an iPod touch. So if a 10 year old were to buy an app that had porn in it or showed how to kill his baby brother/sister, don't you think that when the crime appeared in court, that Apple would be held accountable?

I fully understand why Apple is doing this and really should be more vigilant than they are. There are still quite a few apps out there that could be considered offensive by the wrong people and could land Apple in court. Mind you, Apple has very talented and expensive lawyers. Still, the bad press would probably not go over well with consumers considering an iPhone/iPod touch.

Baby Shaker further exposes App Store flaws {}

Apr 23rd 2009 10:38AM The developers site doesn't show the app anymore because and other sources "encouraged" google to shutdown the page. Probably until the developer took out the offending app description from the page.

There are plenty of other examples of offensive material that Apple has released, or at least the "screeners" have allowed through. "Ow My Balls" is a good one in my mind.

I fully agree with you though on the "randomness" of Apple's accept/reject policy. The latest that is bugging me is Instapaper. Apparently, an icon in the button bar at the bottom of the app is not acceptable since it shows an icon of an iPhone being tilted. Yet there is another app, where the developer of Instapaper got the icon from in the first place, where this icon is also used and has not been rejected.

There is clearly many people that go through the apps that come in for review. Apparently, each of these reviews have differing opinions of what is acceptable and what is not.

I would love to the see the list that Apple gives to these screeners to look for when deciding on what should be accepted and what should be rejected. I imagine that the list is very large.

New shuffle gets an update {}

Apr 11th 2009 4:10PM It does make you wonder since both TUAW and Engadget are run by the same company...

TUAW Bookshelf: Apple II Reference Manual {}

Apr 1st 2009 8:59PM Tod, really. I had no idea. Last time I looked at eBay to see if anyone was selling the Red book, I couldn't find many and the ones I did find were only going for about $10. I feel that the book is worth way more than that since the computer itself has almost become a collectors item.

It's nice to hear that my Red book might very well catch a nice price someday. :)

TUAW Bookshelf: Apple II Reference Manual {}

Apr 1st 2009 3:23PM I still have my Apple ][ Reference Manual ("The Red Book") here. It's a shame it's not really worth anything. It should be a collector's item. :)

Inconceivable! iSperm for the iPhone / iPod touch {}

Mar 14th 2009 4:39PM @fred: Very simple answer really. They wanted the publicity they are getting from such a name. Call it something like iSpace Race and no one will care. Call it iSperm and it will attract the attention of every 14 year old with an iPod touch as well as pretty much every iPhone blog and website out there.

MLB At Bat ready for 2009 {}

Mar 5th 2009 10:39AM Don't expect the price of the 2009 version of At Bat to be $4.99. If you remember last year, the 2008 version came out Aug 27th. Well after the midpoint of the 2008 baseball season.

The price changed as the season progressed. On Oct 1st, the price dropped to $2.99 for the post season. It dropped to $0.99 on Oct 20th for the World Series. Then finally dropped to Free on Oct 30th for just news in the off season.

I got all this info from

My expectation is that At Bat for 2009 will sell for $9.99. I don't have a problem with that price at all. It's still well worth the price for the info you get and if they add the game day audio for the same price, it's a steal!

Found Footage: iTunes-based App management concept {}

Mar 2nd 2009 4:55PM Amen Dr. Spaceman!

Tabs in the title bar: a UI design trend that needs to go {}

Feb 26th 2009 4:40PM Fortunately, we can change the functionality of Safari 4 beta by using Terminal and setting the hidden preference to put the tabs back where they were.

I'm sure that there are folks out there that think this change with the tabs is a great idea. For them, they can leave it be. However, for us folks who find it totally annoying and frustrating, Apple needs to add a checkbox to the Tabs pane in Safari's Preferences screen to locate the tabs where they were for 3.x.

If there wasn't a way to move the tabs back to the 3.x location, I would be switching back to Firefox now.