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Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 2:35PM My impression is that Metzen is tied of ARTHAS, not the Lich King. Actually, this "There must always be a Lich King" seems a lame excuse to get the Scourge on stand-by, ready to be reactivated when Blizzard needs more histories to be told.

Also the fact that Bolvar became the new Lich King, instead of him disapearing forever, point to the return of the Lich King someday.

Maybe he will be Nerzhul, or maybe Bolvar. Maybe even Arthas, if Metzen decides to bring him back to chew on his popularity.

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 2:25PM You know, I never gave some thought on which faction killed the Lich King... I think Blizzard intended to keep this open-ended, so none faction would be pissed...

Thinking about it, makes me thinks it was the HORDE who killed the Lich King... Evidences I could point are the fact that Sylvanas IS present at the Frozen Throne, after Tirion removes Arthas´s body... There is no mention to anyone else being at the Frozen Throne besides the players, Tirion and her... And Sylvanas is working with the Horde players before, so it would imply that she came after receiving word that Horde defeated him...

Also, the fact that the book The Shattering shows the Horde and Garrosh trimphant after the defeat of the Lich King, while the Alliance is mourning their dead and seems a bit soul-crushed, seems to imply that the Horde got the upper hand in the battle againts the Lich King. this might also imply that this upper hand happened inside Icecrown Citadel, too.

Well, this is one of those debates that would never end. I would argue that it was me who defeated the Lich King, no matter which faction I were, because killing that bastard felt so GOOD and quenched my thirst for revenge!

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 1:38PM AMAZING article! Simply amazing!

And the best part of it is that a lot of things make extreme sense. Arthas is one of my favorite characters in Warcraft... To me, WOW could end after we killed him, I would consider its lore trajectory complete. And actually I would have prefered that instead of the sense of milking the cash cow that Cataclysm brought to me...

I don´t really think Arthas is coming back... Metzen said in some interview some point in the beginning of Cataclysm that he is tired of Arthas, and he really is dead. Though I would not complain if we had another dose of lore similar to that of Warcraft 3...

Breakfast Topic: Do you like PvP? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 10:09AM I used to like PVP back in WOLK more than I do now.

I believe it is because of the fact that it is very hard to kill a player now. Everyone has an enormous life pool players, and if they have a healer with them, you simply can´t kill them. It is ridiculous, I did some rated BGs, and we can go on an entire match of Warsong Gulch killing at most 10 people. It is tiring, boring and exaustive, you simply can´t distract or that healer will be fully recovered in 1 second.

On the other side, if you DON´T have a healer in, say, a Random BG, you are doomed. It is impossible to win. Even though it was also the case back in WOLK, now you may as well simply quit the match, or be tortured endlessly for 10 or 15 minutes. It is demoralizing.

I miss the old Wintergrasp battles, where we were out numbered but even so killed legions of Alliance players. It was like a swarm of zerglings, a thrill of adrenaline, the sense that you could push forward and try to suceed. Even if we lost the match, we felt good because the battle was exhilarating.

It has been a while that I don´t feel this in PVP.

Know Your Lore: The curious dissonance of Alliance leveling {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 9:42AM You know, I don´t really agree with your statement that Kalimdor really is better for Horde... Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills are two of the best, if not THE best, zones in the game, and they are Horde-only. And then, there are zones like Eastern Plaguelands, Badlands and Stranglethorn, that are admitedly neutral zones, but have fantastic lore.

I have yet to do the Alliance-only zones in EK, but my overall feelings is that Horde zones are simply better in both continents.

And I am saying that being a Horde player.

Know Your Lore: The curious dissonance of Alliance leveling {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 10:59PM I am leveling a Worgen in order to get thei Alliance Loremaster side of the stoy, and being a die-hard Horde fan, I have to say I understand why the Alliance players are complaining so much.

I am in Southern Barrens now, and I noticed a trend that started to bug me: almost all of the significant Alliance quests are ones that mirror the Horde ones. For example, in the Battlescar, you get to take the flag, kill 10 grunts, and collect itens in order to build a machine... In the horde side, you do exactly the same thing! Just in reverse order!

The rest of the quests, with the exception of some Old Gods references in Ashenvale and Stonetalon, seemes like a real chore to complete. They didn´t seem to connect to the rest of the zone. Some of them are really scrambled, like in Ashenvale where you have to keep running from one side of the zone to another, doing things that didn´t really feel meaningful. In the Horde side, I felt more like the quests that didn´t have to do with kicking Alliance butt were more engaging and more meaningful.

Speaking of kicking Alliance butt, It really seems Blizzard tried carefully to not make Alliance seem so dominated by the Horde, since almost everything the Horde does is countered in any quest, but this effort failed. I didn´t get the feeling that Alliance really was counter-attacking. It seemed more like they were losing terribly and trying desperately to just survive. I even started to pity them, even though as a Horde player I originally enjoyed every minute of killing Alliance and taking territory.

I really would not like to feel so subjugated if I were a die-hard Alliance player.

Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about Mists of Pandaria spoilers? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 10:33AM I really HATED spoilers before playing Wow... If someone told what happened in a movie, series or in a game, even if it was a minor spoiler, I would get real mad at the person who told me.

However, I quickly found that in WOW you really can´t stay spoiler-free... If you intend to raid, you have to know the bosses´s mechanics, and it is inevitable to see some spoilers while you are at it... Also, since you have to use voice comunication with other players, someone always slips some kind of forbidden information... And you really can´t get mad at 24 other people already on the edge wiping on a boss...

The Dragon Soul -- a post-mortem {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 6:38PM I have this fear for MOP and the future expansions... I feel like Blizzard is milking WOW a bit too much. I fear they might keep re-hashing the lore to extend the game´s life-span, but it will reach a point where content gest too dull and boring.

Cataclysm in general pales when compared to Burining Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King. There was a distinct downfall in the quality of the raids. None of the Cataclysm raids compares to Naxxramas, Black Temple, Karazhan, Ulduar or Icecrown Citadel. Not even Firelands, which in my opinion is the best Cataclysm raid.

Here´s hoping that this will change in Pandaria.

The Dragon Soul -- a post-mortem {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 6:33PM I enjoyed Dragon Soul, but not so much for the strengths Mathew enphazised, namely, both Deathwing encounters.

In my opinion, Spine doesn´t feel like you are riding in the back of a giant dragon at all. Someone who played Shadow of Colossus for the Playstation 2 or even fought Cronos in God of War 3 might understand what I am saying. It feels more like you are fightning on a ground made of plate with 4 holes where ooze keeps coming out and where a gust comes if you stack on the left or right. Some movement by Deathwing when he does his barrel roll would have been realy nice to give us a real impression of flying.

And Madness is actually just an add fight. You have to pay so much attention to his tentacles that you really don´t even get to see Deathwing in the back. Sometimes I even forgot we are facing him. Also, the encounters repeats itself too much... Kill corruption, AOE adds, kill tendons, kill paw, repeat 3 times, kill adds, kill head, win. Ragnaros, for instance, had a lot more sauce in the mechanics. I won´t even mention the Lich King or Yogg-Saron fights (which is also an add fight, but much, much better).

The parts I enjoyed the most were entering the spawn of the Old Gods to defeat their generals... having been ambushed by Hagara in the Eye... and the boss that Matthew loafed the most... Ultraxion... Not because of the mechanic, it is basically a tank and spank... But because we can only defeat him with the help of the Aspects... They are so desperate that he might bring the Hour of Twillight, and empower us so we can defend them. That was one of the top moments in the raid for me.

Know Your Lore: 5 must-do Horde zones to complete before Mists {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 10:25AM Hey Anne, I think you really hit the spot here.

Having completed Loremaster on the horde side, I have to agree these are the best zones the Horde has to offer. In fact, I would risk saying that the Forsaken starting zones, which includes everything from Tirisfal Glades, to Silverpine and to Hillsbrad, are simply THE best the game has to offer. Also, Orkus is a remarkable NPC, one of the best in the game... Oh well, I won´t spoil anything here.

Could you know do a similar for Alliance? I have yet to level an Alliance alt... Must complete their side of the Loremaster!

Also, it would be a great idea to do a KYL for neutral zones... Because places like Eastern Plaguelands, Badlands and the new Stranglethorn are also amazing and really don´t fit in neither faction...

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