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Your guide to battleground people-watching {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 11:20AM The person I hate the most would have to be the "I aint dieing for that" I've been doing WSG a lot on my 60 for the tokens and I always see this person as our group heads straight towards a battle with an alliance group, they all of a sudden stop and run the other way leaving those now few of us that went into battle to die.

The other person I hate is the alliance get 1 flag cap and their thing is to now stand at the graveyard and dance saying we already lost so why even try.

Breakfast Topic: Easiest class {WoW}

Nov 27th 2006 2:50PM I have to agree with what most people said, hunter is the easiest and one of the harder classes, in end game that is. It is very easy to level but to find the good hunter is like trying to find a tank that knows what he's doing.

As for people who say warlock is easy they must play on a PVP server. I have a 60 lock and getting him there was very hard especially the closer I got to 60. Locks have a reputation about them that they can take down any class anywhere, that is our blessing and out curse. Because of that reputation every class out there that is any amount of levels above us will attack a lock on sight simply because at one point a lock took them down. We are one of the most targeted classes for PVP out there making it one of the more difficult classes to level.

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