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Raid Rx: Healing Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn {WoW}

Dec 16th 2011 11:52PM I healed at ultraxion fight 3 times now, 2 of them were in LFR and once with my guild in 10man. At LFR i took the blue crystal and used HR + CH like you said and it was satisfying enough for me. But with my guild group they've insisted that i should take the Green crystal because it is said to be best for resto shamans...

The truth is i'm not sure how to heal with the green crystal. I think you should spam Greater Healing Wave with it? So that's what i did (with some healing rains) and even though my final HPS was not so bad i still can't see how this is better than the Blue crystal.

If this was the right strategy with Green crystal (spamming GHW) then the reason for "it is best for resto shaman" is because we have the most powerful single target heal in game. So my question is; can anyone confirm that blue is not better than green for shaman?

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